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Ciris Albtraum von MiryAnne auf DeviantArt – The Witcher – Paleo Witcher Art, The Witcher, Fantasy Warrior, Medieval Armor, Medieval Fantasy, Armadura Viking, Armor Concept, Concept Art, Fantasy Character Design

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A potem świat znowu zaczął istnieć, ale zupełnie inaczej. - Geralt? - Mhm? - I co dalej? - Nie wiem. - Ja też nie. Bo widzisz, ja... Nie jestem pewna, czy warto się było na mnie skazywać. Ja nie umiem... Zaczekaj, co robisz... Chciałam ci powiedzieć... - Yennefer... Yen. - Yen - powtórzyła, ulegając mu zupełnie. - Nikt nigdy mnie tak nie nazywał. Powiedz to jeszcze raz, proszę. - Yen. - Geralt.

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Knights 5: Return of KNIGHT - art post

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m Fighter Plate Armor Helm Cloak Sword Underdark ArtStation by Tibi Neag lg Fantasy Concept Art, Fantasy Armor, Fantasy Character Design, Character Art, Inspiration Drawing, Fantasy Inspiration, Medieval Armor, Medieval Fantasy, Armadura Medieval

Iron Blade Armor 6C

Hi guys! This is one of the main character armors I created for Gameloft's Iron Blade, MC Armor 6C. It is an epic armor, rated by in-game rarity. I was responsible for the following aspects: - modeling and sculpting the high poly model in ZBrush -

f Paladin Plate cape sword and shield warrior midlvl Fantasy Warrior, 3d Fantasy, Fantasy Kunst, Fantasy Women, Medieval Fantasy, Fantasy Girl, Fantasy Artwork, Woman Warrior, Female Armor


Iomedae (pronounced ahy-OH-meh-day)1 is the goddess of righteous valor, justice, and honor. Having served as Aroden's herald, she inherited many of the Last Azlanti's followers upon his disappearance, and continues to espouse the ideas of honor and righteousness in the defense of good and the battle against evil.2 1 History 2 Relationships 3 Appearance and Emissaries 3.1 Servants 4 Church of Iomedae 4.1 Worshipers and Clergy 4.2 Temples and Shrines 4.3 Holy Texts 4.4 Holidays 5 References As…

Hey everyone, I'm and today I want to continue on with my Vampire Counts Tactica! They are my new primary Warhammer Fantasy army a. Fantasy Warrior, Fantasy Races, Fantasy Rpg, Dark Fantasy Art, Medieval Fantasy, Warrior Angel, Warhammer Vampire Counts, Rpg Cyberpunk, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Steam Workshop::Blood Knights Jan 2019

Steam Workshop: Total War: WARHAMMER II. This mod adds four units (Blood Dragon Knights, Foot Blood Knights, Foot Blood Knights (Great Weapons), Chosen Blood Knights) in campaign and custom battles for all vampire counts factions. these uni

standing samurai armor design mixing feudal japan armor with African tribal designs. Fantasy Samurai, Samurai Concept, Armor Concept, Fantasy Armor, Fantasy Character Design, Character Concept, Character Inspiration, Character Art, Samurai Weapons

Rok Kleva Ivančić's submission on Feudal Japan: The Shogunate - Character Design

Challenge submission by Rok Kleva Ivančić

monypich: “ Inktobers i - A Knight’s Focus ii - Judgement iii - Warrior of the East iv - Moon and Blade v - Death’s Hand Part 1 of 2 of my Knights of the Round series. For this batch of inktobers I decided to stick with something I’m a little. Knight In Shining Armor, Knight Armor, Fantasy Armor, Medieval Fantasy, Armor Concept, Concept Art, Game Character, Character Concept, Larp Armor

Brave New World

Inktobers 21-25 i - A Knight’s Focus ii - Judgement iii - Warrior of the East iv - Moon and Blade v - Death’s Hand Part 1 of 2 of my Knights of the Round series. For this batch of inktobers I decided...

m Fighter Plate Armor Helm Shield Halberd Sword battle fog male Traveler Knight by jowardart DeviantArt lg & xlg (saved) Medieval Knight, Medieval Armor, Medieval Fantasy, Character Concept, Character Art, Character Design, Fantasy Armor, Dark Fantasy, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay


A portly knight. The pose ended up looking a little like an old fashioned photographic portrait, with props stacked around him and that shadowy looking ... Knight

Drok, the Death Knight. Dark Fantasy Art, Fantasy Artwork, Fantasy World, Dark Art, Fantasy Warrior, Death Knight, Fantasy Monster, Monster Art, Medieval Fantasy

legend of the cryptids--铠甲2, Bluesoul BS

legend of the cryptids--铠甲2 by Bluesoul BS on ArtStation.