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Новогодние игрушки из бумаги своими руками. Схемы. Видео

Новогодние игрушки из бумаги своими руками - делайте вместе с нами! Шары, Деды Морозы, Снежинки и другие идеи.

Leaf Plant Design Continuous Line Drawing Wall Art. Printable | Etsy

*ALSO AVAILABLE AS PART OF A BUNDLE. FIND UNDER ‘BUNDLES’* This instantly downloadable print is an easy and affordable way to add a unique and modern touch to your home. Customisable to over 20 different sizes, all you have to do is simply download, print and frame. Printable art is great for: - Filling an unused frame due the range of size options - Giving your home a unique touch, but for an affordable price - Feeling a sense of instant gratification when decorating your home - A last…


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Die Erbin der Schlange

Sie ist die Auserwählte. Wird sie trotz der Prophezeiung ihren Vater retten können? Helena kommt anders als andere erst im zweiten Jahr auf besondere Einladung von Dumbledore nach Hogwarts. Davor war sie auf Durmstrang. Sie hat eine Mission. Nicht einmal ihre Freunde wissen davon. Ihre Mission?- Slytherin rächen. Sie ist die Erbin der Schlange und wird einiges in Hogwarts verändern.

RANDOM INSPO // August Babies

Luck would have it that August babies not only have the earthy tone of Peridot as their birthstone but also spinel and sardonyx. Spinel, often mistaken for ruby and saphire, was the original birthstone of August until Peridot was added and became the more popular of the two. Sardonyx, a layered red-ish rock was later added into August. As peridot is the most popular gem of the three, we've put together some inspo for those August babies out there. PSA: If you are an August baby aren't taking…

Турецкий фотограф Alper Yesiltas любовался.. | Polotno

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10 ways to help your inspiration find you

Balloon Light bulb by teconleneEver found yourself working on a new creative project, and your mind just went blank? Where has all my inspiration gone? Will it ever come back or have I lost my crea…