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Fireflies Make Great Porch Lights

Beautiful clusters of raspberries in the garden. Did you know that Raspberry Ketone drops can help you lose pounds a week? See link below

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The beach... Makes me at peace as soon as I lay eyes on it and breath it's air....This 1 pin has shown to be THE MOST POPULAR OF ALL. Hardly a day goes by someone doesn't repin it. Does this speak of the oceans' call to us all? Beach Fashion, Cute Bikini, Sexy Bikini

The beach. makes me feel peaceful as soon as I see the ocean and smell the salt air. And I made this impression of a star fish in the sand w/ an ACTUAL LIVE ONE!

Фотографија корисника Jovanovic Wolf Kiza

Awe too beautiful … Protective mama.that's me and my baby :-) we were wolves for Halloween too.I made his costume by hand I was pretty proud of myself lol. mama wolf & wolf cub :-) I'll always be his protector!