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DOPE !!!! #wallpaper #dope #view #stars #sky #new #trend #lights

DOPE !!!! #wallpaper #dope #view #stars #sky #new #trend #lights

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Twinkling clouds all the way.ligeros pies saltando al revés del cielo admirando hacia arriba los árboles y su hermoso césped sin olvidar the great eye of a lagoon piercing the sky with its orange stare.

b-bor-p.jpg (1080×5760)

4 ur pleasure lmao (tap again for clearer image hahaha)

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ANSATSU KYOUSHITSU/ASSASSINATION CLASSROOM, Fan made, Thank you Koro-sensei - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

If you aren't at least crying on the inside right now you are not a true Assassination Classroom fan-----this made me cry my eyes out. ♡Thank you Koro sensei for everything♡

This is just so sad  especially when u watch naruto and know the backstory

OBITO he must have fwlt so angry and depressed after losing Rin who he loved even though she liked kakashi