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by Tyler Champion

This is what I believe will happen every time I get into the water. I am the ship in this scenario. Octopus or Kracken by Tyler Champion would be an awesome tattoo!

Scratchboard-india ink A fine illustration of an Octopus by Tierra Connor. Silhouette painted with india ink onto a clay scratchboard. Detail added using an xacto knife.

Dark Souls,фэндомы,Dark Souls 3,Soul of Cinder,DSIII персонажи,Elder Prince Lorian,Nameless King,Younger Prince Lothric,Yhorm The Giant,the Consumed King Oceiros,Dragonslayer Armour,Dancer of the Boreal Valley,High Lord Wolnir,Aldrich Devourer of Gods,Abyss Watchers,Old Demon King,Pontiff

"Dark Souls bosses splash art" Is what it said on my frie ds board, I ha e no clue what this is lol but it looks amazing.

Drawing created for the brand Never Hill /  tshirt contest. The theme speaks about environment and our relationship with everything that makes up life.

BIOFUSION by DZO Olivier, via Behance. His work is super detailed, intricate, scary, beautiful.