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А. Каращук. "Бессмертный" Persian "Immortal"

А. Каращук. "Бессмертный" Persian "Immortal"

(1st detail) The Death of Cyrus The Younger by Peter Connolly. At the Battle of Cunaxa, Cyrus gallops on and his princely headgear falls off. One Mithridates unwittingly wounds him in the temple near his eye with a lance. Cyrus swoons and falls from his horse, then later, is speared in the leg, and in falling dashes his wounded temple against a rock and dies. (Warfare in the Ancient World/Xenophon/Plutarch)

Classical Greece and Ancient Greek Warfare - The Death of Cyrus the Younger and Anabasis (Ἀνάβασις)

Phillip II of Macedon, portrait from a reconstruction of his face, made from his skull. (382 BC - 336 BC)

Wonderful painting of Alexander the Great's father - Philip II of Macedon by Panaiotis on DeviantArt

Persian soldier with wicker shield, Achaemenian period

Persian soldier with wicker shield, Achaemenian period

-0550 -0400 Jinete persa персия

Darius iii alexander the great and babylonian scholarship essay The Internet Archive is a bargain. Alexander the Great and Babylonian scholarship Achemenid Empire, Darius III, Alexander, Babylonia.

battle of Marathon by Roger Payne

Dark Ages of Greece. First Persian War. Battle of Marathon. Battle of Thermopylae. Second Persian War.