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Free Activities

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Thaw brainfreeze with these ThinkStretch-approved crafts, games, and science activities.

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Color Changing Lemonade

One special ingredient can make your lemonade stand the best in the whole neighborhood! Do you know what it is?

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What do Ants Eat?

What do ants eat? Find out using this super fun experiment for kids!

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Strawberry DNA Extraction Experiment

Have you ever seen a strand of DNA before? Use this STEM activity to extract the DNA from a strawberry! Take a look!

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Create your own DIY Hovercraft

Hovercrafts aren't just a staple of futuristic movies. They make a great STEM activity for kids! Check out how to make your own!

Ombre Balloons photo by Amy Shamblen ( on Unsplash Free Pictures, Free Images, Party Pictures, Social Pictures, Cocktail Pictures, Fond Design, Design Color, Ballon Rose, Balloon Pictures

Air Pressure Bottle  Balloon Blowing

Can you blow up a balloon inside a plastic bottle? Learn about air pressure with this fun science activity!

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STEM Plant Maze

You've probably been to a corn maze in the fall, but have you ever seen a plant go through a maze? They follow the sunlight through a box! Find out how to make your own STEM plant maze!

silhouette of trees and purple lightning photo – Free Image on Unsplash Albedo, Lightning Images, Purple Lightning, Lightning Sky, Yennefer Of Vengerberg, Mac Wallpaper, Storm Wallpaper, 3d Fantasy, Static Electricity

Static Electricity: How does Lightning Work?

How does lightning work? Let's find out using static electricity! Weather science is so exciting for students, but it's even more exciting when all they need to do it themselves are a balloon and a spoon.

ThinkStretch is a summer learning program that gives students a proven edge in education. Our summer workbooks give students a leg up over summer slide. Nature Activities, Free Activities, Science Activities, Summer Activities, Quart Size Mason Jars, Fancy Words, Summer Slide, Organic Matter, Worms

Making a Worm Jar: Seeing Nature’s Soil Scientists at Work

Worms are the soil scientists of nature! Create your own worm jar by building a tiny ecosystem. This will allow students to see these amazing little creatures at work!

Bird nest found in tree with two blue eggs. - what to do when you find a bird's nest (Birds and Blooms) Nest Images, Gardening Magazines, How To Attract Birds, Robins Egg, Bird Pictures, Birds Photos, Backyard Birds, Animal Wallpaper, Hd Wallpaper

Building STEAM Bird Nests

Teach kids how to make their very own bird nest with this STEM and STEAM enriched activity!

cloudy sky at daytime photo – Free Sky Image on Unsplash Free Sky, Free Cloud, Blue Sky Clouds, White Clouds, Blue Skies, Sky Images, Free Images, Clem, Cloud Photos

Cloud Jar

No matter what time of year it is, when you look up into the sky, you can probably see clouds. How do these fluffy white giants form, though? Well, using our cloud jar, we can find out!

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Cleaning Pennies with Condiments

Which condiment will best clean a penny? Will ANY? Let's find out!

Chicken Eggs vs Duck Eggs - What’s the difference between chicken eggs and duck eggs? Everyone has had chicken eggs, but what about duck eggs? Creole Gumbo Recipe, How To Make Gumbo, Egg Shell Planters, Home Bakery Business, Baking Business, Egg Pictures, Lentil Pasta, Duck Eggs, Organic Eggs

DIY Egg Shell Planters

Why grow your plants in a pot when you can grow them in an eggshell? Post-breakfast cleanup has never been so creative!

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Super STEM: Jellybean Peep Protector

Can your students keep their peep marshmallow safe in a structure made of toothpicks and jellybeans? This STEM activity is perfect for spring!

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Building a STEM Sponge Sprout House

Stimulate your need for STEM! Build a sprout house made of colorful sponges and various types of seeds! It's super easy AND fun!

Minimal, dune, desert, sand and arid in Morocco by Rubén Bagüés ( Desert Pictures, Colorful Pictures, Hd Photos, Nature Photos, Stock Photos, Marrakech, Diy Moon Sand, Infinity Wallpaper, World Of Wanderlust

DIY Moon Sand

Whether you need a relaxing activity to keep your hands busy or your student needs a sensory development activity, two-ingredient DIY moon sand is the perfect activity!

three milk jars and donuts photo – Free Food Image on Unsplash Mini Donuts, Doughnut, Donuts Donuts, Beignets, Jcrew Gifts, Donut Pictures, Candy Pictures, Birthday Freebies, Fiesta Baby Shower

DIY Plastic Shapes Using Casein from Milk

Make your own plastic using the casein found in that stuff you pour in your cereal: milk! 🍼 Learn how: