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Shawn Kassian
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30 trendy art conceitual the last of us

The Apocalyptic Art Of The Last Of Us [Update]

Nine artists. 24 pieces of concept and promotional art. One game of the year contender. That's what we're showcasing today in a very special edition of Fine Art, Kotaku's daily look at the art - and artists - creating the worlds from the game's you love.

The launch fantasy looter title Godfall is already being compared to Destiny. , The launch fantasy looter title Godfall is already being compared to Destiny.

Bungie reveals more concept art at Destiny Panel - GDC 2013 | Concept Art World

Bungie reveals more concept art and the process behind building new worlds for it’s upcoming first-person shooter video game Destiny. Make sure to also check out Destiny Character Development and Concept Art. Link: www.destinythegame.com All images © Bungie. All rights reserved.

Noëlle Triaureau - Visual development pieces and color keys for Hotel Transylvania

6 Most Haunted Scary Houses Around The World

Hoths Prisoner - Star Wars Ships - Ideas of Star Wars Ships - Crashed Imperial Star Destroyer on Hoth.

forest photo: Haunted Forest by ReneAigner

concept art by David Levy


The exterior look of the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland was inspired by a mansion located in my hometown of Baltimore. It was demolished long ago, but lives on, in a way, in California. Digital Illustrations by Sergey Kolesov

Concept Root - Concept Art from the Games and Movie Industries

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