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Prefixes and Suffixes Interactive Journal ideas- For those Syllable and Affix kiddos

Prefixes and Suffixes!

This week we were learning a few prefixes and suffixes! We introduced the lesson with an anchor chart. Here is a super cute flipchart I found on Promethean Planet. It uses Mr. Potato Head to explain the root word, prefixes and suffixes. The class loved it! It includes a short quiz at the end. We used our ActivExpressions for this! Prefix/Suffix lesson with Mr. Potato Head We then made these flipbooks to add to our reader's notebooks. We used the books to quiz partners on prefixes and…

Context Clues Anchor Chart

Multiplication Facts, Context Clues, and Energy...Oh my!

In math this week we just focused on learning our multiples. We continued learning our songs and have now learned all times tables for 0-12. We also made flash cards and played a lot of games. Our favorite (by far) was Around the World with multiplication flash cards. One of my kiddos was awesome at the 7's and he finally told me it's because he "counts in touchdowns." LOL. We've also started time quizzes...not for a grade but for an incentive. We'll be having an ice cream party once all of…

FREE Mentor Text Lists for Reading Comprehension of Fiction {20 Lists} by Jen Jones-Hello Literacy

FREE Mentor Text Lists for Common Core Reading Literature Standards {K-2}

These are groups of titles that I have compiled based on books that have worked for me in teaching different K-2 comprehension skills, strategies and Common Core standards. The lists include mentor texts ideal for teaching the following: RL.1 - Questioning RL.1 - Predicting RL.1 - Inferencing RL.2 ...

prefix, suffix, base/root word

Inferences, Prefixes and Suffixes, and a Dollar Store Find {Five for Friday}

We made it! It is finally Friday and time for Five for Friday at Doodle Bugs Teaching. 1. Have you ever had one of those weeks where you are just thankful to have made it to Friday all in one piece? I didn't even need to look up to know that there was a full moon this week! W-O-W did we have a week....not following directions, way too talkative, and some very smart mouths. I am glad it is over and also glad that Monday will bring us a fresh start. 2. We worked on inferencing this week and…

Keeping Track of

Keeping Track of "Word of the Day" With Vocabulary Journals

I have been using "Word of the Day" for several years and love its results in my classroom! I was originally inspired by Madeline Noonan in this fantastic video on Teaching Channel: I have loved having both the definition and the word on the board under our "Word of the Day" sign, available as a freebie HERE. One of the ways I wanted to strengthen the use of these words throughout the year was to try and have the kids keep a record of each word and have its meaning, a sentence, and more in…

8 ideas for vocabulary words and Post-It Notes

Don’t Get Stuck in a Vocabulary Rut: 8 Fresh, Fun Ideas for Words and Post-It Notes

Teaching vocabulary to an ESL class can be one of the most challenging activities a teacher has to face. When a majority of vocabulary instruction boils down to simple memorization, how does

Word Endings Foldable {Freebie}

Word Endings Foldable {Freebie}

My students are reviewing which words have to be changed when adding -ing and -ed. I figured a foldable would be fun as well as flexible...

FREE! Literature Circles - Vocabulary Study - This table can be used for independent or collaborative vocabulary study for students involved in literature circles.

Literature Circles - Vocabulary Study

Literature Circles - Vocabulary Study This table can be used for independent or collaborative vocabulary study for students involved in literature circles. The table can easily be adapted to suit students engaged in independent reading as well. * Please if you enjoy this product, your positive fe...

FREE! Vocabulary Study - Graphic Organizer

Vocabulary Study - Graphic Organizer

Vocabulary Study - Graphic Organizer A graphic organizer I have created for my students to use for vocabulary study. It includes: • vocabulary word • definition • synonyms • antonyms • part of speech • syllable breaks • word or symbol to represent the word • sentence using the word * Please if y...

need to do this for expanding vocabulary!

Synthesizing with Nesting Dolls plus WOW Words! - One Extra Degree

I posted about the nesting monkeys from Target a while ago… HERE! Click through to read more about how to use nesting dolls to teach the complex idea of synthesis! Also, here’s a few snapshots of our Expanding Vocabulary Wall! Every single word is kid-generated. after all… I direct enough of our word study. I …

English is full of homophones

SAT Vocabulary: Learning Homophones - CollegeHippo

Did you know that the English language has German roots? Well, it does and this basically explains the connection with so many German etymological roots. However, the main focus of this post is on Homophones, the words that are similar in pronunciation but different in spelling and meaning.


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