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Meigetsuin Temple (明月院) is a temple of the Rinzai Zen Sect founded in 1160 in Kamakura. It is also known as Ajisaidera Kamakura, Japan Design, Japanese House, Japanese Art, Art Asiatique, Style Japonais, Japanese Interior, Japanese Architecture, Buddhist Temple

鎌倉 明月院 | 街並み・建物 > 神社・寺・教会 | GANREF

Meigetsuin Temple in Kamakura,鎌倉 明月院

Snow in Matsumoto Castle, Nagano, Japan - Northern part of Japan's North Island - the Winter Olympics in Japan were held here. - the Castle is historic dates back to Feudal Japan, the Shoguns (Lords) of the Matsumoto Family. Japanese Temple, Japanese Castle, Japanese Landscape, Japanese Architecture, Japanese Culture, Japanese Art, Asia Travel, Japan Travel, Yuumei Art

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Kyoto japan street at dawn - japanese travel destinations - japan travel photog . Kyoto japan streets at dawn - japanese travel destinations - japan travel photog. The streets of Kyoto japan at dawn - destinations for japan travel. Kyoto Japan, Japon Tokyo, Japan Japan, Japan Trip, Tokyo Japan Travel, Okinawa Japan, Cool Places To Visit, Places To Travel, Travel Destinations

banshy: Sunset In Kyoto | Leslie Taylor

banshy: “ Sunset In Kyoto | Leslie Taylor ”

Thousand tori gates in Kyoto Places Around The World, Around The Worlds, Japon Tokyo, Japanese Landscape, Art Japonais, Visit Japan, Japanese Culture, Great View, Osaka

圧巻の千本鳥居は必見!京都伏見稲荷大社の見どころまとめ | 京都府 | LINEトラベルjp 旅行ガイド

皆さんは今、外国人に一番人気のある京都の神社はどこか知っていますか? 私たち日本人にとっては、京都と言えば先に金閣寺、銀閣寺清水寺などが思い浮かぶと思うのですが、実は伏見稲荷大社なんです。そんな外国人が多く訪れる神社について、今回はご紹介したいと思います。

Himeji-jo, Japan's most majestic surviving castle.Himeji Castle is a hilltop Japanese castle complex located in Himeji, in Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan. Places Around The World, The Places Youll Go, Places To Visit, Around The Worlds, Wonderful Places, Beautiful Places, Himeji Castle, Japanese Castle, Temples

Himeji-jo, Japan's most majestic surviving castle

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Chion-in Temple in Kyoto, Japan. Cherry blossems are in bloom - 知恩院, 春の京都, 日本 Come for New Years to ring the bell Kyoto Japan, Japan Sakura, Okinawa Japan, Tokyo Japan, Asian Architecture, Ancient Architecture, Château Fort, Visit Japan, Asia Travel

Chion-in Temple

Sometimes called the Vatican of Pure Land Buddhism, the vast Chion-in temple is one of the most and popular temples in the city. It’s highly recommended.

The red gate you see in the picture is the gate (torii) for one of the shrines in Kyoto, Japan. The color red is a charm against evil spirits for many shrines across Japan. Colors can have different meanings and messages around the world. Kyoto Japan, Geisha Japan, Japan Japan, Japan Art, Beautiful World, Beautiful Places, Stunningly Beautiful, The Places Youll Go, Places To Visit

35 Iconic Sights You Can Only See in Kyoto

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to a shrine in Japan My Heart is crying out so loudly when I see these pictures.because my one and only dream is to visit japanMy Heart is crying out so loudly when I see these pictures.because my one and only dream is to visit japan Beautiful World, Beautiful Places, Beautiful Pictures, Amazing Places, Ibaraki, Japanese Architecture, Japanese Culture, Japan Travel, Scenery


池の中に鳥居が浮かんでいる?その神秘的な風景に思わず見とれてしまった。 茨城県にある鹿島神社の中の御手洗池(みたらしいけ)にあるのである。歴史のある神社で紀元前660年の神武天皇元年に創建された。関東最古の神社なのである。鳥居がまるで浮かんでいるようである。 現在パワースポットとしても人気の場所である。始まりの地ともいわれており、意を決してた人が行くのが良いと言われている。武神の力強いパワーをもらいに行くのも良いかもしれない。

松本城天守閣 Matsumoto Castle - Matsumoto, Nagano, Japan Matsumoto Castle is one of Japan's premier historic castles. The building is also known as the "Crow Castle" due to its black exterior. It was the seat of the Matsumoto domain. Beautiful Castles, Beautiful World, Beautiful Places, Japanese Architecture, Pavilion Architecture, Sustainable Architecture, Residential Architecture, Contemporary Architecture, Asian Landscape

松本城天守閣 Matsumoto Castle

内堀とその上に架かる朱色の埋橋、そしてその向こうにそびえ立つ、黒漆で塗られた松本城の天守閣。 The tower of the Matsumoto castle in black and the bridge in red.

I don't know where in Japan is this but gosh, it looks beautiful Landscape Photos, Landscape Paintings, Beautiful World, Beautiful Places, Yamagata, Japanese Landscape, Japan Photo, City Photography, Culture Travel

14枚目の画像 | 一度見たら忘れられない!寒くても見に行きたい日本の「雪景色」5選 | RETRIP[リトリップ]


Templo nas montanhas Tokugawa Leyasu, the first of the Tokugawa shoguns - Japan Places Around The World, The Places Youll Go, Places To See, Around The Worlds, Japon Tokyo, Taj Mahal, Japanese Temple, Japanese Shrine, Asian Architecture

Nikkō Tōshō-gū. A spectacular Shinto Shrine dedicated to Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of the Tokugawa shogunate who died in 1616. The richly decorated gate is called

冬の夜の幻想!貴船神社の「雪の日限定ライトアップ」が美しすぎる Geisha, Beautiful World, Beautiful Places, Monte Fuji, Have A Nice Trip, Japan Landscape, Japan Design, Japan Photo, Kyoto Japan

冬の夜の幻想!貴船神社の「雪の日限定ライトアップ」が美しすぎる | RETRIP[リトリップ]