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One O'Clock: The Cuckoo Bird, NYCB principcal dancer Tiler Peck. Photo by Erin Baiano.-Wmag

Bird wing costume inspiration - The Cuckoo Bird, NYCB principcal dancer Tiler Peck. Photo by Erin Baiano.


Yulia Yanina Couture Wings & Feathers Style Shawl Fantasy Fashion This, but over a black base. Could be warm and unique!

Vulturine's armor

Fan Art : The Elvenking of Mirkwood Thranduil - Work in Prcess : Part 01 - Upper Body : Armour and Costume - Used Program - Modeling : Max,Zbrush Cape Base Simulation : Marvelous Designer Sculpture : Zbrush Render : Zbrush Final Edit : Photoshop

中国的汉服——艳丽而不媚俗,朴素而不暗淡 -- 视觉志 -- 传送门 Hero

-Though it was only plain white, the fabric billowed out like a handkerchief, and for half a moment she thought the woman might blow away - beautiful white kimono inspired maxi dress

Laetitia Casta in Christian Dior Couture at the Cannes Film Festival. Cloak, cape with gold feathers. (have a character that favors bird & feather motifs; this might work for her, but with feathers going all the way up?


Laetitia Casta Christian Dior Couture 'Zulu' 2013 Cannes Film Festival Premiere And Closing Ceremony 4 - LuxuryCheckout

Love these pavers, trying to locate local vender now | n.b. - Use the flatter natural red rocks, build a barrier, then fill in with gravel. | FRONT DRIVEWAY | HANDICAP SAFETY AND ACCESS

DIY: Reclaimed Wood and Rock Patio.Driveway of my house c railroad ties and mosaic as walkways to tie together! My house!

Reception from Beauty Editor

timber walls make the space feel earthy, especially if we get the basement. you could really use the underground and dim lighting to work for us. tho bright lighting can be quite stimulating.

Building a Dance Studio the Right Way

Building a dance studio from the ground up is an exciting and intimidating endeavor. We've put together a quick guide to building your dance studio.

DIY ballet barre made out of pvc :)

Do It Yourself Ballet Barre - Dance Dad University: Just a Dance Dad trying to learn all I can & sharing what I know.

PVC Balle Barre                                                                                                                                                                                 More

The FORMUFIT PVC Ballet Barre allows the user to strengthen their body through a series of ballet exercises while providing stability and balance.