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Along The Way

Collection by Sean Moore


A little something to help you get through the day and the journey we call life.

Sean Moore
Watch how money influences you Daily Bible Devotions, Morning Devotion, Motivational, Inspirational Quotes, True Faith, 1 Timothy, Try To Remember, Believe In God, Praise God

Why does the Bible take such a strong position against loving money? Perhaps because of the power we give to money. If we aren't careful, we place a greater emphasis on gaining money and maintaining possessions as a greater priority than loving our family and friends. Or worse, our mind becomes consumed wi

 Great thing to think about! Praise The Holy Spirit! Daily Bible Devotions, Morning Devotion, Peaceful Heart, Life Guide, Faith Hope Love, Spiritual Wisdom, Believe In God, Gods Promises, Praise God

It's remarkable how medical studies have proven this verse to be true. Practicing optimism or a peaceful heart is actually one way to improve your health. How can we take advantage of this truth? When you find yourself troubled with relationships, deal with the issues quicker. If you are fearful, lean into God's promises and speak them out loud. If your stress levels are high, exercise

Cast your worries onto The Lord. He is faithful Bible Verses For Teens, Bible Verses Quotes, Bible Scriptures, Proverbs 22 15, Book Of Proverbs, Daily Bible Devotions, Prayer For My Son, Morning Devotion, The Great I Am

When you are overwhelmed and troubled by fear and anxiety, turn to the Lord. It is difficult to do in the face of hardships. But God will honor your faithfulness. Identify an area in which you worry and tell God you will turn it over to Him. When you find yourself circling your thoughts around in worry, stop those thoughts, because they will plant seeds of doub

Never pay evil with evil. Funny Inspirational Quotes, Funny Quotes, Daily Bible Devotions, Morning Devotion, Christ In Me, The Son Of Man, Believe In God, Praise God, Bible Scriptures

It happens fairly often, someone will be inconsiderate or mistreat you. In that split moment you have one of two options. You can choose to return evil or you can be honorable. Your response is a reflection of how you view God. If you think God will stand by and let this go unnoticed, you will respond with evil. Or if you believe God's righteous anger will pay them back, you will re

Keeping my eyes on Jesus Scripture Cards, Bible Verses, Daily Bible Devotions, Morning Devotion, Biblical Inspiration, Fathers Love, Kissing Him, Believe In God, Gods Grace

This son had squandered his father's money and yet, when he returned home to his father, the father welcomed him with joy. Often we want to punish someone who does us wrong when they return to us. Yet if we keep our eye on the importance of a relationship we will do the same as this father and be filled with lov

God is responsible for all the achievements in our lives. Scripture Verses, Bible Scriptures, Daily Bible Devotions, Morning Devotion, Rainy Morning, Biblical Inspiration, Believe In God, Psalms

A lot of people take pleasure in boasting about themselves and their success. It's because they need to make themselves feel valued. It takes a humble person to not deceive themselves into taking credit for their own accomplishments. The person who feels valued by God will boast about all that God has done for them. Everything comes into perspective as you grow in relationship with your heavenly F

I know that this is hard but your marriage will be blessed if u apply it Bible Quotes, Bible Verses, Daily Bible Devotions, Power Of The Tongue, Morning Devotion, Spiritual Thoughts, Believe In God, Praise God, Note To Self

Go one step beyond not using abusive language. Instead of trying to just stay neutral in difficult situations, provide words of encouragement. There are many situations in which anger can creep up, such as when your spouse forgets to take out the trash, pay a bill, or pick up eggs from the store. Remember to be patient, u

A daily devotional everyone should keep in their arsenal. Bible Quotes, Bible Verses, Daily Bible Devotions, Morning Devotion, Feel Tired, Dear God, Words Of Encouragement, Psalms, Wisdom

Have you ever been working out, tired and struggling, then someone comes along and gives an encouraging word? We had the strength inside all along, but just needed to gather our strength. God is our trainer encouraging us on to stretch ourselves to reach higher accomplishments. We do have the courage to keep on pushing through. If you are feeling tired, take a moment to regain your composure and st

Verses that inspire, keep me grounded. Bible Quotes, Bible Verses, Daily Bible Devotions, Psalm 50, Morning Devotion, Proverbs 19, Unsolicited Advice, Harsh Words, The Good Shepherd

Are you thinking of making changes in your life soon? You don't have to have everything figured out. That's the beautiful part of this verse. God will open the right doors to allow His will to be done. Trying to choose a college? Wondering about your living situation? Thinking of applying for a new position at work? God can handle it, just seek out His will by test

And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. Love The Lord, Gods Love, Daily Bible Devotions, Christ In Me, Jesus Christ, Morning Devotion, Gods Grace, Praise God, Spiritual Inspiration

We may feel the pressure, stress, and pain of troubles. It's ever presence always beating on us and reminding us without peace. However, this verse has hope. It's the hope we receive that all is not lost. It is hope that our loving God knows us by name, sees what we are going through and rescues us. When finances are tight, arguments occur often, or there's a lack of peac

It feels good to help someone in need. God can't help if you keep your hands closed. Daily Bible Devotions, Daily Scripture, Bible Verses, God Loves Me, Believe In God, Praise God, Trust God, Christian Quotes, Inspirational Quotes

It feels good to help someone in need. In a sense, God works through our hands to help others. If we keep our hand closed and tight fisted, God isn't able to work through it. When we open our hands to work with others and extend opportunities, your light will shine bright. Is there someone in your life that you can

Lately I feel so bad about my body. So encouraged by these words today! Praise The Lords, Praise God, Daily Bible Devotions, Bible Verses For Teens, Morning Devotion, The Great I Am, Spiritual Wisdom, Believe In God, Christian Inspiration

God's presence is fully found in both the Notre Dame Cathedral and the rural cinderblock church. Both of these are temple's built to honor and glorify God. In the same way, the Holy Spirit is found inside your body. Your body is beautiful. It brings glory to God. Be amazed at the wonder of your body, your eyes, fingers, and even the aches and pains. It is

Waiting patiently for Bible Verses For Teens, Scripture Quotes, Scriptures, Daily Bible Devotions, Morning Devotion, How He Loves Us, I Deserve, Believe In God, Dios

Jesus' death on the cross and His subsequent rise is wonderful news. With this comes the hope that we, too, can join Christ where there is no more pain and suffering. Until that day, we must show the world the light that Jesus brings to us. Yes, it can become tiring and can be a heavy burden to bear, but, oh what a joy it is to carry the torch that brings light to so many others. Download this