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This tattoo is truly AMAZING! So artistic! Scenery tattoo. If I could be guaranteed a tattoo to turn out like this there'd be no going back. WOW Mountains tattoo, Open road tattoo. #IWish Baddass Tattoo

This style tattoo with road by hometown house over looking the cornfields and farms

Оригинал взят у lyubows в Картины Игоря Евгеньевича Ожиганова. Встреча Священный огонь Белбог Белобог — предполагаемое западнославянское божество. Данное божество…

The original is taken from lyubows in the Pictures of Igor Evgenievich Ozhiganov. Meeting Sacred Fire Belbog Belobog - the alleged West Slavic deity.

The Firebird, one of Bilibin's many illustrations of Slavic folktales

Ivan Tsarevich catching the Firebird's feather The Firebird again, one of Bilibin's many illustrations of Slavic folktales.

I have always loved these fun dolls. Now they are a special fascination when my Granddaughter comes to visit me.

Traditionally the outer layer is a woman, dressed in a sarafan, a long and shapeless traditional Russian peasant jumper dress.