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純 | 30 Painfully Talented Artists You Should Follow On Pixiv

Japan's largest social network for artists is a bonanza for charming cartoons and swooping fantasy illustrations.

One of the most organized high school art curriculums I have seen online. Excellent resource!

Color Schemes. Painting bug designs. Art lesson.

Art lesson. Observational bug drawing and painting with the complementary color scheme. Complete tutorial by artist and teacher Julianna Kunstler.

Colorsplash Images

Color Splash Oil Pastel Portraits | Bradley Scherzer | Art Education

The Awakened Artist: A Choice-Based Art Classroom: 100 Color Challenge

100 Color Challenge

I don't like to use up much time in class explaining things. I just don't. I would rather a mad frenzy than a bunch of yawns. I find it tricky to gets kids warmed up to the art classroom at the beginning of the year. At the grand opening of the Painting Center this year, we began work on a 100 Color Challenge. My hope is that by working with a partner in this color exploration my students will discover new ways to create colors and use these in their paintings throughout the year. So far…

negative/positive/complimentary colors/symmetry.

negative/positive/complimentary colors/symmetry.

Value drawing

Journal Fodder Junkies

We all need a place to go when the world seems to be too much where we can get away for a while and reconnect with ourselves. We need a cave, an island getaway, or a mountaintop retreat where we can go, be by ourselves, and gain some perspective. Sometimes these are literal caves, islands, and mountains, but very often they are closer than that – the studio, the gym, the garage, or the library – ordinary places where we can get away and be with ourselves. What is your sanctuary? Where do you…

50+ Awesome high school Art competitions!

31 Awesome Art Competitions for High School Students (2021)

A comprehensive list of high school Art competitions from around the world, including many little known student competitions with great prizes!

vaseline on glaze jar and glue lids

Hands, Head 'n Heart in the Artroom

Some classes are finished constructing their storyteller sculptures... A week or two to dry and bisque fire then we can begin to paint. I'm thinking I'll keep them to a limited palette of browns, black, white and maybe turquoise... And another view... I think the animal figures have turned out much better than the human figures this year... but we'll see what happens after the bisque firings...hopefully there will be no explosions or other surprises in store for me!

Wonderful format for lesson structure hand out for students

Wonderful format for lesson structure hand out for students

oil pastel fruit close-up and crop. High school art lesson: composition, organic shapes, color, implied texture, etc.

Miro- tempera, oil pastel, & texture rubbing

Miro- tempera, oil pastel, & texture rubbing by chasity on Indulgy.com

index-card-a-day - create explore paint

What's the Daisy Yellow Index-Card-a-Day Challenge All About?

This is the TENTH annual challenge, friends. Which is kind of amazing if you think about it. I get a lot of questions about how Index-Card-a-Day works and so here ya go, in summary format. Lettered in dip pen with Diamine Apple Glory [which is absolutely gorgeous ink, consistent flow, definite