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ANTHROS – 20 superbes illustrations d’animaux humanisés ! (image)

US-based hobbyist artist Kim Nguyen has been working on a collection of illustrations, called ‘Anthros‘, that depict animals with human personalities. Be sure to visit here and here to find more of her anthropomorphic animals.

Sphinx Сфинкс

Kim Nguyen - Talented illustrator Kim Nguyen is the creator of the humanized animal portrait series entitled ‘Anthros.’ These edgy animal depictions.

Itachi freaking uchiha

Itachi,Greatest Of The Uchihas. His Skills Had No Equal. He Was The Ultimate Master Of Genjutsu.

「うちはイタチ」/「極限の道」のイラスト [pixiv]

「うちはイタチ」/「極限の道」のイラスト [pixiv]

Meu deus,é mt fofo

Sasuke and Itachi going out to complet theyre cat paw prints book 💜😻