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Bible 2

Collection by Jon-Michael Theodore Berg

Jon-Michael Theodore Berg
Welcome to r/atheism, the web's largest atheist forum. All topics related to atheism, agnosticism and secular living are welcome here. Bible Tattoos, Anti Religion, Christianity, Bible Verses, Scriptures, Knowledge, Faith, Thoughts, Sayings

Here is how nit pic the Bible. Choose the ones you want to follow.

Christ started the Catholic Church; so, why wouldn't you want to be Catholic? Catholic Religion, Catholic Saints, Catholic Prayers, Orthodox Prayers, Catholic Answers, Catholic Books, Catechism, Lutheran, Good To Know

Finest Catholic Books, Videos, DVDs, Statues, Church Supply, Music and Pro-Life News

Who are the founders of your church? The list is small but It shows who and when certain religions were started

Athiest funny pictures and anti religion memes - Thaumaturgical Religion Memes, Atheist Humor, Religious Humor, After Life, Christianity, Magick, Catholic, Fun Facts, Funny Pictures

There are lots of similar tales for the Jesus story to be derived from .Earliest is Zoroastrianism with satan/god,heaven/hell, etc is most interesting. There are some Horus similarities but this pin really stretches it. These is like those Lincoln/ Kennedy "spooky" similarities of a few years ago.

Thousands of years of religion Atheist Humor, Atheist Quotes, Religion Humor, True Religion, Losing My Religion, Anti Religion, Secular Humanism, Religious People, Free Thinker

Atheist Girl

pretty harsh.. #atheist #atheists #atheism #atheistrollcall #atheistsofinstagram #atheistcommunity #antitheist #religionpoisonseverything #freedomfromreligion #heathens #nonbeliever #militantatheist...

Religion is the Hoax. God is within us all. God is Love. WE need to protect children as he would. Atheist Humor, Atheist Quotes, Losing My Religion, Anti Religion, Secular Humanism, Athiest, Religious People, Wisdom, Thoughts

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If god exists yet he cannot protect children from being sexually abused in his own place of worship then what good is he? 10.11.2017

I'm not saying drop your religion. I'm saying know your religion. Those Bible verses you tattooed right next to your side boob are from this same book. Religion, Patriarchy, Atheist, Just In Case, Christianity, Equality, Thoughts, Sayings, Gender

Women should be praised for all they go through. You were made by a woman, why are you oppressing her? Without her YOU would be nothing. Learn to respect.

Things that the bible says are an abomination. Homosexuality, unclean meat, eating pork, shell fish, touching a woman that is menstruating. Atheist Quotes, Humanist Quotes, Atheist Agnostic, Qoutes, Athiest, Anti Religion, Christianity, Faith, Thoughts

Love is love. #atheist #atheism #atheistrollcall #atheistpics #pray #faith #religion #godless #goodwithoutgod #heathen #freethinker #jesus #quran #islam #bible #secular #god

Because if you make a bunch of people believe hateful, stupid things for reasons that are fictional, the government says you don't have to pay taxes. And the preachers tell you how to vote, too. Losing My Religion, Anti Religion, Secular Humanism, Athiest, Billy Graham, Christianity, Believe, Faith, Sayings

Because those people are easier to brainwash, manipulate,and control than logical thinkers.