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Articles and topics from my blog Base and Superstructure: a blog about leftist politics and philosophy, thoughts on production, alienation, and ideology.

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The "Better Organizing" Argument For Biden - Base and Superstructure

The "Better Organizing" Argument For Biden - Base and Superstructure

There's new argument for voting Biden - that we can do 'better organizing' with him in office. This argument does not stand up to critical evaluation.

White Women and Trump, Part 2 - Base and Superstructure

After the 2016 election, I wrote a post on white women as part of Trump's coalition. Let's revisit this topic in light of the 2020 election.

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A Primer on Trumpism - Base and Superstructure

This is a post announcing the publication of a new e-book, A Primer on Trumpism: Understanding and Fighting the U.S. Far-Right.

February Reading List (2021) - Base and Superstructure

February Reading List (2021) - Base and Superstructure

Welcome to the February 2021 reading list! Let's see what's been on my reading list lately, as we slowly pull out of winter in Iowa.

Capitalism's Heart Surgeon (New eBook!) - Base and Superstructure

Capitalism's Heart Surgeon (New eBook!) - Base and Superstructure

I've just released Capitalism's Heart Surgeon, a new eBook on the Elizabeth Warren campaign and progressive movements. Enjoy!

An Infographic on the Presidential Election - Base and Superstructure

Here's Base and Superstructure's first ever infographic! It's on some of the differences in the 2020 presidential election.

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The Cult of Smart...and Genetics? - Base and Superstructure

Fredrik deBoer recently published The Cult of Smart, and then he ran into some controversies involving race science. Let's take a look.

Elevator Words and the Left - Base and Superstructure

When describing and labeling its actions, the left often exaggerates. It uses elevator words. Why does it do this, and is it a problem?

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The Years of Lyndon Johnson - Base and Superstructure

I'm patiently awaiting for Robert Caro to finish The Years of Lyndon Johnson. Here's some thoughts on that series of books.

Why Didn't the Democrats Get a Blue Wave? - Base and Superstructure

The Democrats thought they'd land a blue wave in 2020. It didn't happen for them. Why? I argue it's mostly about GOP base turnout.

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Which Voters Won the Election for Biden? - Base and Superstructure

After an election, people get right down to the business of trying to influence the new administration (or they don’t). One way to do that is to claim to represent some group of voters who ‘delivered’ the election to the winner. And Joe Biden will be no exception to this trend. Indeed, the think pieces … Continue reading "Which Voters Won the Election for Biden?"

Karl Marx and the 'Rights of Man' - Base and Superstructure

Lots of Marxists read Marx as rejecting 'human rights' or the 'rights of man.' Why, and what should Marxists do about this now?

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Jane Elliott as Performance Artist - Base and Superstructure

Many Iowans know racial justice activist Jane Elliott. I find her training most useful when we think of her as a performace artist.

October Reading List (2020) - Base and Superstructure

Here's a new October 2020 reading list of things I've checked out recently. What have you been reading this fall? Anything new?

Who Wants To Defund the Police? - Base and Superstructure

Increasingly, leftists want to defund the police. But who else is on board, and how do we build movements around this idea?

Impact of the First Debate - Base and Superstructure

The first debate has now come and gone. Did it change anything, or do Biden and Trump remain in the same place heading into November?