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A beautiful portrait of a Geisha dipping her toes in a canal

Nipponia nippon

yuco: jasminoides: Japan 19th Century - 14 (via Sgt.Steiner ) “I wonder if this was 19th…but, nice.”

Samurai carrying kendo (Japanese fencing) equipment on his shoulder.

Samurai carrying kendo equipment on his shoulder.

A Japanese farmer girl, in traditional clothing, carrying a basket, 1921 (National Geographic). Note the high geta with covered toes.

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Exploited children in Old Japan. Maiko had been sold as very young girls to geisha houses by poor families, with government backing until prostitution was allowed under US pressure in the Occupation.

Maiko Girls with Dolls 1920s

the sea darkening... oh voices of the wild ducks crying, whirling, white BASHO My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, 11th March 2011.

From a collection of Meiji/Taisho era, Japan, original photographs.

An entry from smatterings of an aesthetic

“ Meiji/Taisho, photographs ” illusionsperdues:

A hand-coloured postcard of Geisha Hamayū showing her Obi.

Geisha Hamayū 1910s

A hand-coloured postcard of Geisha Hamayū showing her Obi.

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GEISHA LOOKING AT PHOTOGRAPHS (7) -- Posthumously Awarded Full Membership in Flickr

[From a OKINAWA SOBA flickr set of 19 Meiji-era Photographs (and a few from the Taisho era) depicting real Geisha Girls looking at old Photograph albums, images, and stereoviews. Posted in response to flickr member SignFire who said we should sign these girls up for a flickr account. Apparently, these girls don't have computers where they are, so we'll have to make do with posthumously awarding these PHOTO-LOVING GEISHA with an honorary membership in flickr.]

Oharame - one of the flower girls of Ohara village near Kyoto. Girl wears kimono with apron. Rare Photos, Old Photos, Geisha, Samurai, Japanese History, Art Japonais, Japanese Outfits, Japanese Pics, Portraits
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As I was throwing this photos up on the fly, I mistakenly identified the girl in the photo as a woman from OSHIMA, when in fact, I believe that flickr member hisuiJADE is correct in his correction of my incorrectness, and have corrected the title to make her an OHARA girl ! ♥ FULL SIZE : www.flickr.com/photos/okinawa-soba/3553332098/sizes/o/ See his helpful comment #1 just below. Thanks, Hisui-J PS. I will leave this as part of the OSHIMA GIRLS set to maintain the thumbnailed link to the…

Not a Geisha, but beautiful colors.

WINTER GEISHA WITH UMBRELLA AND LANTERN -- Meiji-era Studio View ("Salt Print" # 1)

From a rare series of ca.1880s-90s full-plate images printed by sunlight on simple "salted paper", and hand-tinted with transparent water colors -- but not by me. These large photos are all over 110 years old. The above image I attribute to SHINICHI SUZUKI [The Younger], circa 1885-95. The process harks back to the very beginning of photography when Fox Talbot of England introduced the first commercially viable paper based photographic process to the world (but held himself and the world up…

This diaporama contains photos of GEISHA and MAIKO Posing as Bathing Beauties During the Meiji and Taisho Eras of Old Japan. For most of them, the identity of the photographers and models remai…

JAPANESE SWIMSUIT GIRLS - Meiji Era Bathing Beauties of Old Japan (7)

tarai-bune taraibune

This set from Okinawa Soba contains colorized photos of mostly geisha and maiko posing as bathing beauties during the Meiji and Taisho eras.

GEISHA WITH EYES FOR YOU -- Posing as a Bathing Beauty

This same image was used as the cover photo for a paperback book on old swimsuit postcards...published in Japan over 12 years ago.