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Fold & read cards for u-e words - The Measured Mom

This is just a quick post to give you our last installment of free fold and read cards for silent e words! This is just a small set, as there are very few short u words that can be changed into a new word by adding an e. Don’t worry – we also have free games and worksheets that reinforce all the other u-e words. Simply print and cut out the... Read More »

Grade 4 Grammar Lesson 8 Kinds of pronouns

Bossy E and Long A! - Smitten with First

Ok, who else is wiped out after this first week back? I swear I feel like I’ve been sleep walking the past 3 days! #thestruggleisrealyall This week we started Bossy E and long vowels. Whew. We started our learning off by meeting Bossy E. We talked about how he jumps over the consonant, hits the …

Nouns NO PREP Packet

Grab the MEGA 2nd Grade NO PREP Language Arts and Grammar BUNDLE at a Discounted Price! HERE HERE*Nouns Includes: *Let's Learn about Nouns *Sorting Nouns (person, place or thing) *Searching for Nouns (person, place or thing) *Identifying Nouns in a passage (person, place, thing, animal) *Nouns: Re...

Grade 3 Grammar Lesson 5 Adjectives – comparison

Digraph Sorting Picture Cards {for Beginning and Ending}

These beginning and ending digraph picture cards {FREE download is at the END of this post} are perfect for some digraph sorting! Challenge kids to sort by two sounds, four sounds or even more. This activity is highly adaptable to meet the needs of the kids you teach. And that’s the beauty of picture cards. They ... Read More about Digraph Sorting Picture Cards {for Beginning and Ending}

Have you met SUPER E??? {CVCe Words}

This week I introduced my students to SUPER E ! Let's just say that they are CrAzY about him now! When I hung up their artwork in the hal...

9+ Wh Questions Worksheet For Kindergarten - Kindergarten - Chartsheet.net

9+ Wh Questions Worksheet For Kindergartenanswering wh questions worksheets for kindergarten, free printable wh questions worksheets for kindergarten, wh questions worksheet for kindergarten, wh questions worksheet for kindergarten pdf,Kindergarten - Chartsheet.net

CVC Word Family Posters (FREE)

This resource includes 17 cvc word family posters. Each poster contains from 3-7 example words and color images to match. Black lines are provided on each poster for writing additional words with your students. As the year progresses, it may be appropriate to add words to the posters that begin with...

Grade 4 Grammar Lesson 19 The past tense

Games for learning a-e words - The Measured Mom

Kids love games for learning tricky phonics patterns! Try this freebie when teaching a-e words.

CVCe Words: Watch Out for Sneaky e: A Fun Word Study Technique

CVCe words can be tricky to teach, but using sneaky e can make it fun and simple! Learn how to teach magic e with this fun little trick.

Phonics Poster – Ch Words 2

Phonics poster to show words beginning in ch. (.pdf file 57KB) There are Loop Cards to

35 Hands-on reading mats for short vowels - The Measured Mom

Teach your child to master words with short vowels with these colorful, interactive word and picture mats!

Mastering Grammar and Language Arts!

Teaching grammar and language art skills can be a challenge for anyone. How do you hit all of the skills...effectively? How do you know your students are

Fold & read cards for i-e words - The Measured Mom

Silent e can be tricky to learn! Try this simple activity to help your students learn i-e words.