Like a cat*

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Cats portraits and photography. * The one person who really knows me best says that I'm like a cat

Laura Stolfi photography A Lion by Laura Stolfi

Adorable Cat Peeps Out While Hiding Under Sheet On Unmade Bed by Laura Stolfi

I Love You Little Leaf! by Laura Stolfi

Cat Grabbing An Hair Band While Laying On Living Room Floor by Laura Stolfi

Cat Playing With Legs Under The Carpet by Laura Stolfi

Cat Checking If Everything Is Oke Under The Carpet by Laura Stolfi

  Lazy Cat, Closed Eyes, Like A Cat, Cats, Stock Photos, Gatos, Cat, Kitty, Kitty Cats

Lazy Cat Laying On The Sofa Looks At The Camera With Half Closed Eyes by Laura Stolfi

  Like A Cat, Velvet Cushions, Red Velvet, The Outsiders, Cats, Gatos, Cat, Kitty, Kitty Cats

Overhead Shot Of Sleeping Cat Sprawled On Red Velvet Cushion by Laura Stolfi

  Cat Yawning, Like A Cat, Ginger Cats, Window Sill, Get Outside, The Outsiders, Hilarious, Face, Window Frames

Ginger Cat Yawning With Hilarious Face While Laying On Windowsill At Home by Laura Stolfi - Cat, Yawning

  Like A Cat, Cat Sleeping, Get Outside, Wool Blanket, Stretching, Relax, Warm, Stock Photos, Portrait

Cat Sleeping Belly Up In Wool Blanket by Laura Stolfi - Bed, Lounge

  Like A Cat, Get Outside, Bathing, Sunshine, Handsome, Sofa, Cats, Animals, Bath

Handsome Cat Napping And Bathing In Sunshine While Lying On Sofa by Laura Stolfi

  Round Beds, Like A Cat, Get Outside, Coming Out, Sleep, Kids Rugs, Cats, Animals, Going Out

Sleeping Cat Coming Out Of Round Bed by Laura Stolfi

  Like A Cat, Get Outside, Cats, Bed, Gatos, Stream Bed, Cat, Beds, Kitty

Cat Napping In Semi-enclosed Igloo Bed by Laura Stolfi

  Like A Cat, Red Cat, Linen Curtains, Cat Sitting, Windows, Stock Photos, Portrait, Cats, Gatos

Rear Sight Of Red Cat Sitting Out Of Windows Behind Linen Curtains by Laura Stolfi - Cat, Window