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Hair in moviment  It's almost confusing because the hair has so much animation and the pose is not moving. I almost expect a gif

海島千本 (@Kaisen_Tobiuo)

Hair in moviment

Theodore is still upset by The-Ez on deviantART The-Ez Is practically one of my favorite deviantartists ever. Dancing

Theodore is still upset by The-Ez on deviantART

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the afterlife: Photo

“ Ruth approves :D As some of you might know, I’m participating in my friend Ez’ awesome trailer project as an animator, and this is a test on her character Ruth. I’ve been having tons.

Milt Kahl - Medusa Rough Animation - The Rescuers..... One of the best! Character Design Animation, Character Sketches, Character Illustration, Character Design References, Character Art, Illustration Art, Disney Sketches, Disney Drawings, Animation Film

Milt Kahl - Medusa Rough Animation - The Rescuers Oh Mi Goodness, the scariest villain ever, i recognized her immediately. witch academia Magical Girl, Animated Gif, Fairy Tail, How Are You Feeling, Witch, Fairytale, Fairy Tales, Witches


Animated gif about anime in Little Witch Academia by ❀ 𝑳𝒂𝒌𝒊 ❀

Girl_turn Gifs, Game Design, Animation Reference, Anime, Art Tutorials, Drawing Tutorials, Glitter Gif, Character Design, Character Art

menacing beautician [gif]

For the love of 2d animation (pt 2) - Album on Imgur Animation Sketches, Animation Reference, Animation Film, Disney Animation, Disney Pixar, Disney Art, Disney Movies, Art Reference, Disney Sketches

2D Traditional Animation

oger by Milt Kahl / 281 individual drawings? I'm always pooped after 1 or Animation must take forever!

Ed Edd n Eddy Hair Gif, Character Design References, Art Reference, Animation Reference, Gifs, Art Tutorials, Character Concept, Character Art, Croquis

Kankers by Najja Porter (Bloochikin, USA) "Trying to figure out some stuff before I work on my demo reel short film. Have some Kankers c: "

willow-s-linda Animation Storyboard, Animation Reference, Frame By Frame Animation, Character Design Animation, Animation Tutorial, Character Illustration, Cartoon Art, How To Draw Hands, Art Tips


“If I ever find the courage, I would love to animate a short film adaptation of a fairy tale, either Allerleirauh or the Goose Girl.

Click to find out EXACTLY how Pixar turns a simple sketch into a stunning CGI scene. // From 'Brave': Animation Tutorial, How To Do Animation, Animation Reference, 3d Animation, Disney Animation, 3d Tutorial, Cg Art, Disney Concept Art, Disney Art

Pixar's 'Brave': How One Frame Went from Sketch to Screen [EXCLUSIVE PICS]

willow-s-linda This is some really good animation. Very fluid, and the use of "stretch and squash" allowed me to lip read (and I'm no expert): "Hey!" Animation Reference, 3d Animation, Art Reference, Gifs, Cool Animations, Wacom Intuos, Anne Shirley, Illustration, Character Design References


” My new tablet arrived and this is the first thing I animated with it :) It’s a Wacom Intuos Pro Small if anyone wants to know. I think it’s much easier to create smooth lines with it than.