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"Some words are what we call 'colorful'. By this we mean that they are calculated to produce a picture or induce an emotion." (109). The point is to not find a fancy word, but to make the audience feel something. If it's a simple, matter-of-fact sentence, leave it as that. But if the word gets too colorful, the audience might find comedy in it rather than a deeper meaning.

I posted some of sunsets across the Hay Plains a bit earlier. This shot was taken on the same trip - with rain and storm clouds passing over most of the day. In the late afternoon the sun broke through in the west, producing this rainbow.

15. “The Mirrored Night Sky”, by Xiaohua Zhao, China | 17 Phenomenal Pictures Of Space That Will Fill You With Awe

he Mirrored Night Sky © Xiaohua Zhao (China) An enthralled stargazer is immersed in the stars as the luminous purple sky is mirrored in the thin sheet of water across the world’s largest salt flat, Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.