How rosarms knife is made, types of steel, design, meterials

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Our goal is to make very practical, reliable and interesting Russian knives for hunting, fishing, camping, custom and tactical available to the World.

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How to Make a Leather Sheath (wet formed! Diy Leather Holster, Leather Knife Sheath Pattern, Leather Pattern, Leather Art, Custom Leather, Leather Tooling, Sewing Leather, Handmade Leather, Leather Jewelry

How to Make a Leather Sheath for a Knife (Or Anything Else) | The Art of Manliness

How to make a leather sheath for your knife, or anything else.

Various Tools Used іn Wood Carving


Tutorial: Lederscheiden bauen

Hallo Zusammen, da ich in letzter Zeit wieder mal ein paar Lederscheiden gebaut habe, dachte ich mir, ich könnte ja mal ein Tutorial machen. Ich baue die...

WIP: Mini-Friction-Folder-Neck-Knife

Hallo zusammen, kürzlich ist mein mit Abstand kleinstes Messer fertig geworden. Die Idee dazu entstand vor etwa einem Jahr, als ein Freund nach seinem...

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Explanations why knife sheath is useful? Instructions how to make a knife sheath. Second method for making a knife sheath. What materials and tools to use?

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How To Care For Your Survival Knife – Metal Welding

Survival camping tips

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Tent camping storage canvases 43 Ideas for 2019 Leather Wallet Pattern, Sewing Leather, Stitching Leather, Leather Pouch, Leather Fabric, Leather Tooling, Leather Craft Tools, Leather Projects, Sewing Tools

Кожевенное ремесло замок стежок шило нить комплект игл стежок кожа ткань | eBay

The needle, with the thread in the eye is pushed through the material. The thread is then pulled through the eye to extend it. This awl set is excellent for quickly sewing and repairing sails, tent canvas and other heavy duty fabrics as well as securely lock stitching leather.

This is a lovely simple friction folder

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