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Supernova remnant G266.2-1.2 (NASA, Chandra, 10/28/13)

G266.2-1.2 was produced by the explosion of a massive star in the Milky Way galaxy. A Chandra observation of this supernova remnant reveals the presence of extremely high-energy particles produced as the shock wave from this explosion expands into interstellar space. In this image, the X-rays from Chandra (purple) have been combined with optical data from the Digitized Sky Survey (red, green, and blue). Read entire captions/view all images…

Two faces spotted in Orion nebula — what are they?

A man and a dragon are doing battle somewhere in the murky Orion nebula, if you believe your eyes. A 2006 Hubble Space Telescope picture is creating a buzz online after a Reddit user pointed out it…

26 Pictures That Will Make You Re-Evaluate Your Entire Existence

The universe, man... THE UNIVERSE.

Fuck Yeah Nebulas

Lagoon Nebula

APOD: 2015 November 23 - A 212 Hour Exposure of Orion

A different astronomy and space science related image is featured each day, along with a brief explanation.

Earth Pics on Twitter

“A view into our universe.”

Galaxy merger caught by Hubble telescope

Scientists created a video tour of the spiral galaxy NGC 7714 getting twisted out of shape after coming too close to a cosmic neighbor.


Venus Transiting the Sun

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Alan Friedman's Astonishing HD Photographs of the Sun Shot from his Own Backyard

Alan Friedman is a fascinating guy. By day he's a maker of greeting cards and a lover of hats, but in his spare time he's a self-proclaimed space cowboy who points a telescope skyward from his backyard in downtown Buffalo, directly into the light of the sun. Using special filters attached to his cam

telescope telescope

31 Spectacular Views Of Earth From Space

Just another reason to become an astronaut and live on the International Space Station.

Discovery Challenges Our Current Understanding of Gravity | Astronomy |

Einstein’s theory of gravity may have to be rewritten, after a team of astronomers at the University of St Andrews discovered a 10-million-light-year-wide ring of small galaxies moving away from us much faster than predicted.

Mare Imbrium "Sea of Showers" - 170316

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