one fish, two fish, red fish. fish series by Swedish Pottery company "Gustavsberg" attributed to Britt-Louise Sundell Ceramic Wall Art, Ceramic Clay, Ceramic Pottery, Clay Fish, Fish Plate, Sculptures Céramiques, Fish Sculpture, Red Fish, Fish Fish

Colorways/ Paint the town red!

I continue my colorways series with that ever so sexy color red, sin, guilt, pain, passion, blood and anger, It just is such a guttural color, perhaps the most relevant to the human races as our bodies have it running through every vein. Red seems to be the color of life in many ways, It can be a warning!, It can grab your attention, It's little wonder most large companies use red as their main color, McDonald's, Macy's, Virgin, Colgate, KFC, Nestle and Lego to name a few! I personally use…

The Pomegranate. Giclée Print by Chanan Mazal, Jerusalem artist. Doodle Inspiration, Arte Judaica, Pomegranate Art, Flower Quilts, Guache, Art Textile, Jewish Art, Naive Art, Applique Quilts

Large Pomegranate © Chanan Mazal, Jerusalem. חנן מזל, ירושלים

Goache and watercolor, Original sold, also available as a giclee print

Dish "Fig" and "Pomegranate" – Nastasya Safronova Workshop Source by angelinakulish Ceramic Fish, Ceramic Clay, Ceramic Painting, Pottery Plates, Ceramic Pottery, Pomegranate Art, Ceramic Glaze Recipes, Ceramic Tableware, Fruit Art

Тарелки "Инжир" и "Гранат" - Мастерская Настасьи Сафроновой

Red Pomegranate Ceramics Enamel Painting click now for info. Kintsugi, Ceramic Pottery, Ceramic Art, Pomegranate Art, Enamel Paint, Fruit Art, Ceramic Design, Clay Projects, Mosaic Art


Red Pomegranate Ceramics Enamel Painting Special handmade ceramics by Siegel and Marcy arts Dimensions 11cm height x 9cm width Siegel and Marcy arts work together to form Hamsa clocks and spectacular special plates BUTIFUL work. Their work is characterized by motifs from Judaism and Judaica Star of David, a grenade, Hamsa, life. Each…

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9 самых влиятельных ювелирных дизайнеров современности — Jewellery Mag

Талантливые, смелые и самобытные ювелирные дизайнеры, задающие модные тренды и неизменно восхищающие своими шедеврами последние четыре десятилетия.

Ceramic Sculpture "Pomegranate Teapot" © Copyright Suzanne Kane All rights reserved. Ceramic Teapots, Ceramic Clay, Kintsugi, Pomegranate Art, Raku Pottery, Ceramic Flowers, Contemporary Ceramics, Sculpture, Ceramic Artists

Contemporary Ceramic Teapot Examples

"Teapot To Remember" by Artist Kadri Pärnamets "Awakening" by Sergei Isupov "Box to Small Teapot" by Karen Dahl (earthenware, underglazes, luster, acrylic sealant) "Purple Teapot" by Natalia Sots Teapot by Carol Wedemeyer Teapot by Carol Wedemeyer Teapot by Carol Wedemeyer "In Its Last Hour" by Carrianne Hendrickson "Pomegranate Teapot" by Suzanne Kane (2007) "Anual Ring Teapot" by Ah Leon (stoneware) Ceramic teapot by Paul Dresang "Dwelling Series 1 Miniature Adobe…

Handmade ceramic dinner set decorated with red briar berries becomes the best decoration of the festive table. Characteristics:Size of plate: 28 cmSize of dish: 30 cmVolume of glass: 500 mlTechnique: hand modeling, traditional pottery creationFiring tempe Pottery Painting, Ceramic Painting, Pottery Art, Ceramic Tableware, Ceramic Bowls, Ceramic Clay, Handmade Pottery, Handmade Shop, Handmade Ceramic

11 DIY expensive looking gift ideas – ceramics | 2019 – Ceramic bowl set “Red B… - Home Design Blog 2020

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Robin Chlad Designs

Custom Welcome Plaque, mosaic tile in a frame, 15" Square, Welcome to my website. Thanks for checking me out. I make inspirational work that beautifies your home, patio and garden. I still am offering Mosaic Workshops through the late spring and into the summer. Added to the schedule Mosaic Workshops for either an accent…