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He's right you know...

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Hi, I'm Madison. I help women break free from constant thinking, anxiety and guilt around food. Click this link and get to know more about how I can help you!

The 15 Wittiest Things Oscar Wilde Ever Said

Or wrote. Maybe. (He said a lot of witty things).

Teachers, Parents! Behind Anger: A Free Social Emotional Learning Poster For School or for Home

This free poster illustrates that anger is often a secondary feeling to other deeper, perhaps more vulnerable emotions. Can be a useful reference when talking with students and children about feeling angry and the triggers behind it. ...

A gentleman just handed me this at work.

Post with 497 views. A gentleman just handed me this at work.

this thought didn’t really hit me until i read this tweet

Memes and support for those with CPTSD.

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Be the change

graffquotes: “nation of sheep, ruled by wolves, owned by pigs. ”

What Are You Really Afraid Of?

The truth is, the only people who affect the “sanctity” of your marriage are you and your spouse. The couple next door — whatever their gender composition — doesn’t change your commitment. And, couples across the street, across town, or across the country have absolutely no control over the strength and validity of your marriage! So, what are you really afraid of? PS: Sometimes, this blog is NSFW. Proceed with caution. ;-)

graffquotes: Stop believing in Authority, Start... - octobriana

graffquotes: Stop believing in Authority, Start believing in each other. (via swanisdead)



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