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Javier Perez
Creatures like this is why only the very brave or the very stupid travel to the icy wastes of Parisius.

Dragon Lair - - Fribly

Dragon Lair designed by danesh - posted under by Fribly Editorial

Green Dragon, Brett MacDonald

Green Dragon by Brett MacDonald on ArtStation.

Sketch Page_Abelestas by on @DeviantArt

Sketch Page_Abelestas by BlackBirdInk on DeviantArt

Commission for ~DemonGoddessSlayer Sketch Page_Abelestas

I always got really creeped out by the Gigginox XD like alright throw a gore magala at me but I'll only get exited, throw a Gigginox at me and ill cringe in my seat as I try my best to slay but not look ._.

Monster Hunter Tri Boss List by macawnivore on DeviantArt

I did the line art for all the bosses in Monster Hunter Tri early 2010 and wanted to color them but never got around to it. Will attempt to color the re... Monster Hunter Tri Boss List

for years now I have seen aion pictures, but still have no idea what it is. I should really look into it.

Snow Centaur Male Art - Aion Art Gallery

View an image titled 'Snow Centaur Male Art' in our Aion art gallery featuring official character designs, concept art, and promo pictures.

ice scorpion, AL GO!

"ice scorpion" 冰蝎,夸大的尾钩的效果,凶猛并且攻击时候附带魔法效果。

Mangkoon, George Stratulat

A concept I've done for LoreSmyth.

Cory Loftis on Twitter

“The bottom half of this piece could not compete with Attack on Titan for my attention. @Sketch_Dailies”

こんにゃく一号(@konnnyaku_6327)さん | Twitterからの返信付きツイート

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Monster Hunter "Nargacuga"


Nargacuga are Flying Wyverns introduced in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. 1 Physiology 2 Abilities 3 Behavior 4 Habitat 5 Game Appearances 5.1 Main Series 5.2 Frontier 5.3 Spin-offs 6 Game Data 6.1 MHP3rd Elemental/Status Effectiveness 6.2 MHWI Damage Effectiveness 6.3 Breakable Parts 7 Materials 8 Equipment 9 In-Game Description 10 Other Non-Subspecies Forms 10.1 Silverwind Nargacuga 10.2 Blinking Nargacuga 10.3 Fiercewater Nargacuga 11 Gallery 12 Music Themes 13 Notes It has black scales…

ArtStation - Kaiju Hunter - Charac' Design - Gameloft (canceled project), Alexandre Chaudret

Kaiju Hunter - Charac' Design - Gameloft (canceled project), Alexandre Chaudret

Character and Monster Designs i made in 2015 for a Gameloft mobile game : Kaiju Hunter. The project was finally canceled. Art Director : Pascal Barret Thanks to all the team for the great work we made back then ! All rights reserved to Gameloft Games ©

Sketch no. 332 Warforged Wizard by Olieart

Sketch no. 332 Warforged Wizard by Olieart on DeviantArt

Stepping up my sketching game! Sketch no. 332 Warforged Wizard

WWI Gill-Man by on @DeviantArt

WWI Gill-Man by AlMaNeGrA on DeviantArt

Gill Man Character design for Weird Wars © Pinnacle Entertainment 2015 WWI Gill-Man