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How To Make A Paracord Belt: Step-By-Step Instructions | DIY Projects

Paracord belt instructions and tutorial show you how to make a 550 paracord survival belt that is quick deploy. Step by step tutorials for cool DIY projects

Jeans Patchwork, uma super tendência - Transforme seu jeans antigo em peças super descoladas + 30 fotos e passo a passo

Descubra esse novo jeito de customizar seu jeans!Que tal aproveitar a tendência do Jeans Patchwork e transformar aquela calça jeans velha e surrada em uma peça super descolada? Elas podem se transformar em saias, shorts, jardineiras e até em vestido

Шитье простые выкройки

Как сшить блузку с коротким рукавом. Пошаговое описание (Шитье и крой) — Журнал Вдохновение Рукодельницы

Hair color and cut!! @Yvonne Robertson-Bristow, I think this is where I want to go next!

10 Amazing Ideas for DIY Crafts - Pretty Designs

Hey, girls! Here are DIY ideas again. If you are interested in making things on your home at home, you will not miss this post. There are amazing ideas for you to DIY some pretty crafts. Just stay with us and learn more DIY skills. You can find many a DIY crafts in the post.[Read the Rest]

30 Great Ways to Upcycle Old Clothes and Still Feel Sassy

Give your not-too-worn clothes new life using these creative ways to upcycle old clothes. All these projects are fun and creative, and you'll look sassy!

Шьем- может пригодятся идеи ))))

Во что можно перешить футболку | Искусница

Can't Find a Thing Bag - Simple Tote with Tassels - Persia Lou

Thanks to Expressions Vinyl for providing vinyl for this post! This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for supporting Persia Lou! Once upon a time, about a year ago, the fam and I were touring model homes for kicks, and hanging in one of the closets was this awesome tote bag. Well, honestly, it was just a plain […]

20 Old Clothes Recycle Ideas That You Need to Upcycle Old Wardrobe Items

It’s no less than heartbreaking to get rid of old clothes that don’t seem to be attractive enough or simply don’t fit you anymore. What comes to your rescue is the idea of giving an all new spruce to your long-lost clothes, that too with just a little bit of creativity and a few tools from around the house. Here are 20 Old Clothes Recycle Ideas that are all you need to upcycle your old wardrobe items.

How to Makeover Your Oversize T-shirts - Pretty Designs

You have dozens of oversize T-shirts? If you say yes, please don’t throw them away. All your oversize T-shirts can be renewed with the DIY projects below. We don’t think that you will miss today’s post because you will find different ways to recycle your old t-shirts. In the post, you can find many creative[Read the Rest]

Something to do with too small shirts

Something to do with too small shirts

Something to do with too small shirts by diane.smith on

What to do with old t shirts - 15 ways to upcycle your old tees

15 great ideas on how to refashion & restyle old t shirts into fun crafts and accessories. You'll never have to wonder what to do with old t shirts anymore!

Lace T-shirt Refashion tutorial

Well, hello fellow craft addicts! I’m thrilled to be visiting over here in Linda’s lovely space. I’m from over at the Crafty Cupboard, where I like to share my fun projects. I mostly sew, but I love simple, easy décor Read More...

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Another t-shirt idea. No Sew, Tee-Shirt Halter - DIY real

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