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Workout for Assassin, Batman, Spiderman, Avenger, Wolverine...

Assassin's Creed Batman Spiderman Avenger's Wolverine Storm Trooper Jedi and Hunger Games styled workout.

by @alexxx_noirrr . #best #tattooartist #tattooworldpub #tattoo #like4like #likeforfollow #follow4follow #followbackalways #follow4followback

by @alexxx_noirrr . #best #tattooartist #tattooworldpub #tattoo #like4like #likeforfollow #follow4follow #followbackalways #follow4followback

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Awesome realistic tattoo of Gustavo Fring from Breaking Bad series done by artist Alex Wright horror tattooer drom UK

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How to draw hands gripping bunch of things. I love how cheese from fosters home for imaginary friends is there:

Treeman Knives TASS Seal Team Tactical Combat Knife Blade OD Black G-10

Treeman Knives TASS Seal Team Tactical Combat Knife Blade OD Black Everything you needed to know about survival

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Breaking Bad, AMAZING tv show! Loved every season and episode. Turned it off the first time during the first motorhome scene then gave it a second reluctant try. Then I was hooked like meth.

Steven Land Mens Tan Blue Plaid DB Vest Suit Walter SL77-042

Steven Land Mens Grey Plaid DB Vest Suit Walter IS This grey plaid double breasted style vested Steven Land

The Samurai #infographic                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

The Samurai were highly skilled Japanese warriors that hailed from noble families and served the local lords. Read 7 interesting facts about the Samurai.

Here is a comic eye tutorial for you to try out. I will be adding more of these if you like . Female Comic Eye Tutorial - Step by Step

* Horns & Wings *

I'd like to get bat wings tattooed on my back where people usually have angel wings.

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I just love Construction Drawing and thats why I teach it in my course. Its a valuable professional tool. This is a great example that i found on Pintrest.

Furry Art by Kim Nguyen

Vietnamese illustrator Kim Nguyen has created this stunning illustration series titled "Anthros" that features humanized animals.