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horse love.

Some of my best friends never say a word to me. I wish this was my best friend

Does your horse see you as a strong person. :-)

Does your horse see you as a strong person. :-)this explains the jumping on me when somethings scary lol

Why do I always forget just how AWFUL this activity is until I am doing it again?

Anything to save a few bucks, right? Of course with the current cost of hay this may not seem like such a bad plan.

Always more interesting

Perhaps I am alone in this, but my horses prefer to play with only the most…

Horse humor! LOL!

"That is so not how to make a snow angel." "Give her a chance to regain consciousness, Negative Nancy.

Our May cartoon has arrived.  Enjoy and share!

Aw, he really likes me. I like how you taste after I eat manure.

Did you put the saddle pads in the washer again?

Airing one's dirty laundry can be tricky. My dream barn will have a washer and a dryer.

Comic #155

Many a savvy horseman has acquired a real gem by buying what looked like a mutant camel as a two year old. Of course, many others have simply acquired a mutant camel. Or my 6 year old Dutch gelding