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Viking Art

Discover Pinterest’s 10 best ideas and inspiration for Viking Art. Get inspired and try out new things.

Valkyrie Original Artwork, Pagan Art, Norse Mythology, Occult Art, vikings

This is an original work by A Forest of Shadows. The medium is in pen and depicts a "Valkyrie" from Germanic paganism. Also featured are Huginn and Muninn, as well as the Othala rune. It is A3 size. *PLEASE NOTE* The Frame is NOT included and is for photographic display purposes only. Please have a look at my other original artwork and prints www.Etsy.com/shop/aforestofshadows

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Broa Style

The Anatomy of Viking Art Introduction Broa Style Oseberg Style Borre Style Jelling Style Mammen Style Ringerike Style Urnes Style The Anatomy of the Broa Style c…

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Odin The Allfather, Talita Babireski

Odin is one of the most complex and enigmatic characters in Norse mythology. Is the most powerful God in Asgard and he is the chief of the Aesir, yet he often ventures far from their kingdom, Asgard. Odin is sometimes called the all-father or the

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Rose Lee
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Viking Ship Card

Product Code: SLG-CD20Viking Ship Card by Courtney Davis. Pack of 6 cards. These Viking-themed cards are blank inside for personal greetings and include a wash of Thor’s Hammer on the inside. Each card is individually cellophane wrapped and includes a pretty blue envelope.Size: 5" x 7"

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Map Effects Fantasy Map Builder + Bundle

Easily create hand-drawn fantasy maps for your upcoming fantasy novel or next role playing campaign without learning how to draw! With this bundle you get the Map Builder + the Viking Effects, Jungle Effects, and Medieval Icons and save 12%! At one point or another you’ve probably found yourself pouring over the map at the front of a fantasy book, or staring at one mounted on the wall and wishing you could create something like that for the story you want to tell. But, perhaps you aren’t artistically inclined and know that it would take countless hours to try and teach yourself how to draw from scratch. Now with the Map Effects Fantasy Map Builder you can create hand-drawn fantasy maps of your own with just a few clicks and a bit of imagination. Whether you want a map for the fantasy book you’re writing or just want something to show off to your role playing buddies, this has you covered. Here’s What You’ll Get: Map Effects Fantasy Map Builder ($34) 200x Total hand-illustrated brushes by Josh Stolarz 40x Mountain stamps for mountains, hills, and volcanoes 40x Forest stamps for coniferous or deciduous trees you can use separately or combine. 22x Vegetation stamps for marshes, grasslands, and deserts 40x Terrain stamps for dunes, rocks & boulders, crevasses, cliffs, and mesas 32x Culture stamps for location icons, standing stones, compasses, ships, sea monsters, banners, grids, and navigation lines 26x Brushes for drawing coastlines, rivers, ocean hatching, paths, and shading 8x Aged paper textures to make your map feel like a relic from another world 3x Free bonus fonts that work great for labeling all the locations on your map 6x Print-ready templates with a classic fantasy border Video tutorial on how to create a map of your own in Photoshop Viking Effects ($7)Join the ranks of the skalds of old who would weave their tales of valor to a captivated audience in smoke-filled feasting halls. Immerse them in your story with maps of distant northern shores and take them on a journey where the lines of myth and history blur. 15x total high resolution, hand-drawn viking features Jungle Effects ($7)Jungles are a storyteller’s paradise. Few places evoke a sense of mystery like an adventure that takes place somewhere so filled with life and danger. Now, you can bring people deep into the undergrowth of your story with these jungle illustrations for the Map Effects Fantasy Map Builder! 15x total high resolution, hand-drawn jungle features Medieval Icons ($7)There’s something inspiring about a medieval setting with castles, inns, and stone towers that makes us want to strap on a sword and go on an adventure. Many of our favorite stories take place in this classic setting, and now you can include hand-drawn medieval icons on your own fantasy map with just a click. 15x total high resolution, hand-drawn medieval icons Software compatibility: Procreate or Photoshop File Download Size: 362.8 MB FEATURES & BENEFITS Create Maps in a Fraction of the Time Anyone who has created a full map from start to finish knows it can easily take 40+ hours to draw each individual mountain, tree, and tuft of grass. But now you can create hand-illustrated maps in a fraction of the time; which means more time with your friends campaigning or writing your next novel. Make High Quality Prints of Your Map Each brush was created from high resolution illustrations so you can make prints of your map as large as you want without losing quality. 200x Unique Brushes With 200x brushes you’ll be able to create classic fantasy maps with features like mountains, forests, dunes, cliffs, standing stones, and more. Now you can create maps of your own that will immerse people in your story. Create Maps in the style of Josh Stolarz “I am often approached by people who want to commission me to draw a map for them for their first novel, or an rpg they are creating to play with their friends. Unfortunately, I have to turn many of them away because a custom piece is simply not within their budget. So, I decided to create the Map Effects Fantasy Map Builder so anyone would be able to create a hand-drawn map in my style with just a few clicks and a little creativity.” - Josh FAQ May I use this product for commercial work?You may use the assets in this pack for commercial projects such as a map to include in a fantasy novel, or for marketing and branding for a client; as long as you credit the Map Effects Fantasy Map Builder for the original illustrations. But, as the map designer you will retain rights to the original design itself. You may not resell or redistribute the assets in this pack. Are these brushes compatible with GIMP?While GIMP and some other open source apps will import the .brushset file designed for Photoshop, you may need to make modifications to the stamp brushes in regards to their scale. Other modifications will need to be made regarding some of the liner or seamless pattern brushes in order to replicate how they would function in Photoshop or Procreate.

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Vikings and runestones (part of 2)

Sickle of the harvest slash Sec vezh from the shoulders, And the stag wounded Lil red crying. And they became rdyany From steel ice Armor in drunken Fun of abuse. (Egil, the son of Grim the Bald. "The redemption of the head."

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Odin, Johnson Ting

Odin the Allfather, along with Geri and Freki. It's for this month's character design challenge, its about Norse Mythology and I couldnt resist, also a good refresh from doing all the sci fi drawings recently. I wanted to design a Odin thats less

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