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Magical Creatures

Discover Pinterest’s 10 best ideas and inspiration for Magical Creatures. Get inspired and try out new things.

A020 Wizards of the Coast - )

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[Rencarne en una serpiente]---[Pausada Por Un Tiempo Indefinido]

-O HOLA como estas, espero que bien de seguro estas aquí para saber cómo es mi historia bueno mi historia es así. mi NOMBRE es Ángel tengo 17 años voy en sexto de secundaria y no se que más decir bueno yo mori de la forma que yo creo es la más estúpida que existe y quieres saber cómo fue bueno no te rías cuando la escuches yo estaba corriendo para llegar temprano a la escuela ya que era el último día de clases y iva muy feliz y digo quien no lo estaría con sólo pensar en dejar esa escuela del demon...bueno mejor sigo narrando mi historia como ya dije iva muy feliz por ser el último día de clases así que cuando iva a cruzando la carretera no me fijé que venía un camión a toda velocidad en mi dirección, y sabes por que si por estar festejando no me Di cuenta que mi muerte estaba a lado dd la esquina literal. Ángel:y así fue como morí jajaja*se escuchan risas* Ángel:oye te dije que no te rieras se que mi muerte fue patética pero era necesario eso,bueno siguiendo con mi historia terminé reencarnando en una serpiente , y si quieren saber que pasa sólo pasen a leer esta historia se que les va a encantar autor:oye aquien le hablas Ángel:pos no ves a los espectadores que estan a punto de darle para leer esta increible historia autor: oh claro, bueno espero que les guste esta historia y si es así me ayudarías con tu voto :) bay🖐🖐🖐

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Opal Dragon- auction [closed] by ZerkWolf on DeviantArt

Had to torment with drawing this character, because at first I came up with how it will look and made a lineart, and then I thought ... How am I going t... Opal Dragon- auction [closed]

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Creature Design Combo- Wolf, Angler Fish by Christopher-Stoll on DeviantArt

Part of a continuing series on creature creation! 🔥TIPS & TRICKS🔥 for aspiring artists and designers!  This week I'm doing some... Creature Design Combo- Wolf, Angler Fish

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Wings of Protection, Daniel Correia

https://www.patreon.com/danielcorreia "The Giant Horned Owls are still one of the largest birds to inhabit Evelin. In their most adult state, they reach a height of six men and a length of fourteen when their majestic wings spread through the

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Artist Portrays Mystical Creatures In Their Vulnerable Form – When They Were Still Babies (30 Pics)

We're used to seeing mystical creatures depicted as tall, well-built warriors or old, bearded wizards. After all, slaying beasts or casting powerful spells takes strength and experience. But Hong Kong-based illustrator Rudy Siswanto decided to flip our preconceived notions around by depicting them as babies.

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The Poison of Hemlock (Rewrite For Harry Potter...a Slytherin?)

She stood there like marble and stone. In the rain, pouring and strong, it was clear, the sky was grey and bright. She was a phantom flickering in and out of shadows and shades. Disappearing from the eyes that seek her from beneath the storm. But she is not entirely hidden, as lighting struck she shone like a dying star giving its last showing of life. Deslolute and so very far away. One you couldn't know has gone out for thousands of years. Bright but cold. Never really reaching the earth or people. She was different. Apart from everyone but herself. As she walked, her existence seemed to fade more so then before. Soft and light she perhaps dosen't even touch the ground. Waif like in her grace, deathly with the precision of her feet apon the muddied earth with not a trace of disturbance. Her hair cascades down her back in a waterfall of chaotic darkness. Darker then the deepest depths of a abyss. Dripping like ice, the rain fell from the end of each twist and corkscrew. Even the heaviness of the water unable to tame the roaring of her hair. Her eyes are what drew you in. Green intensity that only graces the world with her alone. Shades of Viridian and Emerald. Too much to really put in words. Gold flecks like Pixie Dust forever shifting within the sea of infinitmass green. Divinity shines through the gold, something Other just lurking beneath the chartreuse of her eyes. Hiding under paleness of her skin, peeking around her shadow and pushing her to the light. It clings to her more then the drenched cotton ever could. Waves of this difference crashed the land in quietness. Silence reigned as thunder boomed against her skin. She traveled the earth like a firefly. Flickering here and then she's gone. Then again she brings life back into the darkness. And then she is gone. Unable to be caught or captured in a jar of glass. Different then all who live upon the world, ethereal fell short to truly describe her. Never to be understood by mortals of life. Twin-Fem!Harry

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Paengoden - Creature Concept, Pencil Equipped

Creature design! I have a new look and layout for my creatures, so going forward this is how they'll be presented! I did this creature last year, but I've touched it up and added extra art.

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