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Dolphins hold grudges, researchers find

Dolphins seem to be permanently smiling... but it seems darker emotions may be bubbling under the surface. After studying 'alliance networks' between male bo

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Stop porpoises and dolphins dying in fishing gear

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Dolphin Way author Mark Caney to be interviewed on 14 January

Well-known diving celebrity David Strike posted this on Facebook: The ADEX Pixel series of live Zoom talks kicks off the New Year with a stellar line-up

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A great story, well imagined! - new review of Dolphin Way

This new review has just been posted to Amazon by Toni Chappell This is a pacey story with a lot of heart and very important things to say about our oceans,

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"We could learn a lot from the way dolphins live"

Mark Caney, author of Dolphin Way, Rise of the Guardians is interviewed on the DeeperBlue Podcast and describes what inspired him to write the novel. The interv

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Researchers say whales and dolphins could get infected by COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic may not be limited to land mammals, according to new research. A new study from scientists at Halifax’s Dalhousie University&nbs

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Midnight swim with a wild dolphin

The DeeperBlue podcast interviews Mark Caney and he explains his extraordinary midnight close encounter with a wild dolphin. The interview starts at about 10:30

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New Q&A with Dolphin Way author, Mark Caney

The article begins: "Mark Caney is truly a leading expert in the diving industries. Some career highlights include being a Vice President of Training & Cust

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"Found it very entertaining as well as educational and heard me saying wow more than once!"

A new review has just appeared of the audiobook version of Dolphin Way. When I first ordered this book I thought it was going to be a childish rendition of d

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Thoroughly recommend both book and audio book to everyone who loves dolphins...

New review of Dolphin Way Audiobook I read this excellent book a few weeks ago and have now been given the chance to enjoy the audio version. We travel with

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Why are sharks afraid of dolphins?

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Mark Caney talks to Ocean Geographic Society about Dolphins

Watch this interview where Mark talks about dolphin society, intelligence, evolution and his book, Dolphin Way.

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Mark Caney to talk for Ocean Geographic Society

I am honoured to have been asked to speak for an Ocean Geographic Society presentation that will take place tomorrow. Please do drop in if you are interested in

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Mark Caney to be interviewed on Ocean Geographic Live

Mark Caney, author of Dolphin Way I am delighted to have been asked to feature in one of the Ocean Geographic Society’s online interviews later this month.

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Extinct giant dolphin behaved like a killer whale, study finds

Dolphins may seem cute and friendly, but the largest member of the dolphin family is actually none other than the ultimate hunter of the sea — the killer whal

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Dolphin Way audiobook "brings the dolphin world to us"

This new review has just been published of the Dolphin Way Audiobook: What makes dolphins so majestic? What makes them so peaceful? Would you think that they