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The World of Dark Souls, From The Side by Tettix

Tettix first showed off his massive illustration of Dark Souls' Lordran at the end of January, when it was still a work-in-progress—well, it no longer is.

Arm Concept

The Engraved Gauntlets are hands armor in Dark Souls II. Found in Brightstone Cove Tseldora; one must have the Tseldora Den Key to access the chest where it is located. The key itself is only obtained by completing the Pate& questline

Juggernaut -- Istera's battlefield rival, whose identity is unknown. (Head canon: a puppet of the mastermind behind the slaughter of the Drendar? Maybe he's a Drendar himself? One particularly beloved of Istera at one point?)

Mom never said there would days like these Dark Souls - Bandit Created by Martianzombie

gravelorded: “ Alva the Wayfarer, Dark Souls II Design Works ”

Alva the Wayfarer, Dark Souls II, this is an NPC knight enemy in Dark Souls II his armour represents the stylised knight armour that i would like my character to have influenced, the cloth around the armour makes for interesting embellishments.

Warrior Soul T-Shirt $10 Dark Souls tee at ShirtPunch today only!

Warrior Soul T-Shirt Dark Souls tee at ShirtPunch today only!

These Are The Lord Of The Rings Tarot Cards You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Tarot: Death by ~SceithAilm on deviantART - Fingers crossed she finished the whole set. Would love a working deck of these Lord of the Rings tarot cards.

Ingward the Sealer - Pictures & Characters Art - Dark Souls

Sealer - Pictures & Characters Art - Dark Souls - Remembers me of my mage in where i almost beat the game in my friend Weller.

The Dark Souls Art Book (Probably) Won't Try And Kill You

Out in October, and published by the fanservice kings at Udon, Dark Souls: Design Works is a nice big hardcover book that collects a ton of concept and promotional art from the game.