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gyclli: “ The king of the forest *** By Angel Diego Cantabria, Spain ”

Dark Forest by Den Didenko - Inspired Poetry by T. Johnson - Til Nothing More. If no one walks beside you. or invites you for a stroll. from here into eternity. til time no longer flows.

Natalia Drepina

"We are brimming with cumbersome, murderous greed and malevolence deep and profound. We do unspeakable deeds does our wickedness know any bounds?" Canon EOS April, If y.

Dye your hair simple & easy to mermaid blue hair color - temporarily use mermaid blue hair dye to achieve brilliant results! DIY your hair mermaid blue with hair chalk

The sword sat lonely waiting for its mistress. As she stumbled over the hill with her blood stained teeth she grinned at the sight of her sword.

The Shannara Chronicles

Elves, Druids And Humans: Here Are The Official 'Shannara Chronicles' Character Portraits - - Click through to see all

Colorful Hair /Uncommon

I always try to recreate beachy waves.unfortunately my hair never quite turns out like this - it ends up more of a sexy bed head minus the sexy, photography, portrait, woman, black and white

Going out to war

This is supposed to depict Fortinbras and his army. Fortinbras ( Norway) is going to take over and kill Hamlet to avenge is father. Fortinbras is extremely driven by vengeance.

old war by Oleg Zhukov

Hundred years war : the dispute began over who would be the heir to the French throne.

Percy Jackson & The Olympians

This is actually one of my favorite types of swords. The disk on the hilt acts as a counter weight making it very easy to swing and control.