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Fairy Tales – The dark and surreal photographs of Laura Makabresku |

Always loved the idea of a constellation tattoo but my freckles make it impossible. Or maybe a super talented tattoo artist could use my freckles.

After our wonderful time in Romania we are excited to be joining Natasha on her next retreat in the Scottish Highlands this May. A week of exploration and creativity and experience where we will also shall be sharing knowledge and tip

ive been obsessed w/ the sky and astrology. Credit: nikkistrange her art work is on society 6

botanical art prints | April and May

Miles of Light * Home & Garden Decor, Modern Nature and Botanical Photographic Prints

jihyoo: It is alive, and it is growing. by alison scarpulla on Flickr.

"Gaian energy is the reflection of the Divine Mind as seen in the earth below our feet. It is part of what comprises the natural ley lines that gird the globe and make up the patterns that form the.


The forest within the fantasy world (after you just entered from the human world)