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Byzantine, Athens, Carving, Folk, Joinery, Popular, Sculptures, Fork, People

Gabled sandstone stela decorated with a central Chi-Rho and alpha-omega monogram enclosed by a wreath;) text beneath the pediment. Culture/periodCoptic term detailsByzantine term details Production placeMade in: Egypt

Rectangular limestone stela: figure of a haloed figure of Apa Pachom with hands raised; Coptic text beneath the feet with name `Pachom'; border of vine plants with grapes issuing from two amphorae in the lower corners.

Romanesque, Byzantine, Athens, Carving, Surface, Crosses, Greece, Joinery, Sculptures, The Cross, Cross Stitches

Byzantine Art, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Stone Carving, Roman, Athens, Printmaking, Tiles, Stone Sculpture, Rock Sculpture, Printing, Art Print, Graphics

ВИЗАНТИЯ В КАРТИНКАХ - Рельефы с орнаментом из старых римских церквей - 5. Флора и фауна

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