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This back to school math pennant and glyph is a perfect way to start the new school year with a new group of kids. There are multiple versions of this math pennant included and glyph directions…More First Week Of School Ideas, Beginning Of The School Year, New School Year, Get To Know You Activities, First Day Of School Activities, Math Activities, Math Games, 8th Grade Math, Fourth Grade

Back to School Math Pennant and Glyph with a Golden Spiral Theme

"A glyph?" I asked myself. "What is a GLYPH?" I asked some friends and one of them knew. "It's like one of those things where kids color based on things they like, like they'd color the stars yellow if their favorite class is Art." "Oh I see!" Glyphs are COOL! After a teacher left feedback stating that she wished my Back to School Math Pennant was also a glyph, I decided to add student directions to turn 2 of the pennant choices into glyphs. I also converted one of the pennants into a…

Pythagorean theorem Practice Worksheet Awesome Pythagorean theorem Partner Practice and Reflection Algebra Activities, Math Resources, Teaching Geometry, Teaching Math, Math Teacher, Math 8, Math Class, Reflection Math, Pythagorean Theorem

Pythagorean Theorem - Partner Practice and Reflection Worksheets

In this activity, students solve different problems with equivalent answers, then work together to compare answers. (NOTE - answers are the same when they're rounded to the nearest tenth). Once solved, students partner up and compare answers and methods of solving the problems. Then the pair of s...

Fri Favorites: Using the Pythagorean Theorem Drawing Project Freebie from Math Teacher, Math Classroom, Teaching Math, Maths, Math Fractions, Future Classroom, Math Resources, Math Activities, Classroom Resources

Friday Favorites: Pythagorean Theorem Drawing Activity

Last week my students took their district benchmark assessments, so I was on the hunt for something fun and relevant for when they finished testing. I was so happy to come across a great activity

year my math class created a Sierpinski pyramid A Sierpinski pyramid…what an exciting geometry project!A Sierpinski pyramid…what an exciting geometry project! Math Art, Fun Math, Math Enrichment, Maths Investigations, 7th Grade Math, Sixth Grade, Second Grade, Math Projects, Social Projects

For my cakeday I present my class project from last year, consisting of 1024 paper pyramids

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My students LOVED this treasure hunt when we were working on Pythagorean Theorem. Read what we did in the post. Math 8, Math Stem, Maths Algebra, Fun Math, Teaching Math, Math Resources, Math Activities, 8th Grade Math, Eighth Grade

Math Mondays: Pythagoras + Pirates =

I love to make even the simplest of review fun. I admit I am both personally biased towards the Pythagorean theorem and towards Ancient...

Angles in Triangles Interactive Student Notebook Page Idea Geometry Lessons, Teaching Geometry, Math Lessons, Teaching Math, Maths, Math Tutor, Math Education, Math Fractions, Multiplication

Angles in Triangles Interactive Notebook Page

The first lesson in my Triangle Congruence unit is about triangle theorems. This is the lesson with the Triangle Sum Theorem, the Exterior Angle Theorem, and the corollaries that follow from those theorems. This is the overall page that I would use for this lesson. This foldable is one that is available in my TpT store. I would make sure that my students wrote a few reminders off to the side of the foldable. Basically, I would have them write anything that that particular class period had…

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Google Sheets Template for Lesson Plans

Keep all of your lesson plans for the whole school year in one streamlined easy-to-access place with a Google Sheets Lesson Plan Template!

 My graders have fun with this activity! Includes a pre-test leveled resources and a post-test. Geometry Interactive Notebook, Teaching Geometry, Teaching Math, Teaching Ideas, 6th Grade Ela, Eighth Grade, Math 8, Free Math, Math Resources

Pythagorean Theorem Converse Zombies 8.G.6 and 8.G.7 Assessments Differentiation

Pythagorean Theorem and Converse: Pre Test, Differentiated Activities, Enrichment, Post Test included. It's the ultimate Pythagorean Theorem and Converse package...zombie apocalypse included! Common Core 8.G.6 and 8.G.7 are covered. This helped my students to retain their skills over time. They lov...

When it comes to my Transformations unit in Geometry, I have a mini-project that I like to use. First, I show different company logos in class and we talk about the different transformations we see Transformations Math, Geometric Transformations, Math Lesson Plans, Math Lessons, Math Resources, Math Activities, Math Games, 8th Grade Math, Sixth Grade

Transformations - Logo Project

If you're teaching transformations in geometry, this free project idea is great! Students use logos to find reflections, rotations, and symmetry.

Hands-On Explorations, Activities, & Ideas for Pythagorean Theorem. Folder Paper Proof is the best! Teaching Geometry, Geometry Activities, Teaching Math, Math Activities, Math Teacher, Math Games, Teaching Resources, Teaching Ideas, School Resources

Hands-On Activities for Pythagorean Theorem

Mathematics, in part, are built upon constants. One of the most well known and fundamental constants is the Pythagorean theorem. We all know it and a lot of us teach it every year. Although educators

Theorem - Geometry Any day I can incorporate football into my lesson is a good day! Bell Ringer Homework Assignment Exit Quiz PowerPoint Presentation Lesson Plan Guided NotesNote Note, notes, or NOTE may refer to: Geometry Lessons, Teaching Geometry, Teaching Math, Teaching Ideas, Geometry Activities, Math Activities, Steam Activities, Teaching Materials, Teaching Tools

Pythagorean Theorem - NFL and Geometry ⋆

Pythagorean Theorem - NFL and Geometry - How to engage your students to master the Pythagorean Theorem as apposed to memorizing it.

Barbie Zipline - Students had really been looking forward to this and as soon as they saw the unit was Pythagorean Theorem, they erupted with excitement and questions! Math 8, 7th Grade Math, Math Teacher, Math Classroom, Fun Math, Math Games, Algebra Activities, Sixth Grade, Geometry Activities

Barbie Zipline for Pythagorean Theorem

Math and Science classes could have been sponsored by Mattel this year with all the Barbie involved! You can read about our super fun Barbie Bungee adventures here or over at my awesome partner science teacher's blog where we dropped Barbie from the top of the football stadium bleachers. After doing Barbie Bungee with our students this year for scatter plots, we leaked the plans that we would also be doing Barbie Zipline. Students had really been looking forward to this and as soon as they…