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boy wtf IS THAT OMG HOLY FUCKING SHIT—i'm scared.

:Chanyeol“ Listen to me, kitten. Win or lose, you’ll always be a princess to me. ”Sehun / Kai / D.O / Chen / Baekhyun / Lay / Suho / Xiumin Admin LD 💛


besternatexo: ““Hot Summer ” I was inspired by Chanyeol’s cotton candy hair and this photo of Alexander Ferrario by Hadar Pitchon.

Supernatural Fan Art. WOW "AWESOME"

I absolutely dig Dean's shirt and Sam's hair. At first I was like "Aww! Sam's hair is up!" Then I looked at Dean and was like "Ghostbusters!

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We spend some of our mornings and afternoon in the small two-seater sofa in our warm and cozy living room, fulfilled with our each other’s company.

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One winter day , goodbye at the cafe. by Aeppol

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We hope artworks on Grafolio will function beyond that of a simple portfolio and garner respect as a culture which can be enjoyed by everyone.

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A Sweet Afternoon Nap. Fall into sweet sleep, lying on the hammock under a cool tree shade, listen to the wind's lullaby.

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I Capture The Beauty Of Everyday Moments Before They Disappear Forever (Bored Panda)

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I forget the time and look endlessly at the stars that blanket the sky, looking like a glittering carpet.

Jared Leto is my medicine, my drug and my world

Jared Leto is my perfect dark ángel, Jared Leto is my perfect gothic angel, Taylor Momsen is perfect dark angel.