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2020:    “Our technology helps amputees to control an artificial limb, in much the same way as their own biological hand or arm, via the person’s own nerves and remaining muscles. This is a huge benefit for both the individual and to society”, says Max Ortiz Catalan, industrial doctoral student at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden.

Thought-controlled prosthesis (credit: Integrum) An implantable robotic arm controlled by thoughts is being developed by Chalmers University of Technology

Gorgeous 3D printed Prosthetic Born of Boredom - I wish this technology was around when I was attending University. :)

It's nice that we've come so far in prosthetic technology that we can even take time to consider aesthetics.

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The Alternative Limb Project was approached by games giant Konami to create a bespoke prosthetic limb for an amputee gamer, inspired by the world of Metal Gear Solid, using cutting edge and innovative technologies.

Realistic Foot By The Alternative Limb Project

alternative limb project partial foot with gell pad and build up


We'd the pleasure to welcome Fausto de Martini, as a speaker for IAMAG. Fausto is a Concept Artist with great experience in the field o

interior illustration

The bird's eye view of an interior elevation is a unique perspective. It allows one to see all the elements without loosing the effect of being drawn into the environment.