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The Moment of Discovery by Daniel F. Gerhartz

I had never heard of Daniel Gerhartz til now! & what work. The Moment of Discovery by Daniel Gerhartz. The innocence of Pandora

Daniel F. Gerhartz:  The Garden Window

Daniel F. Gerhartz (American, ~ The Garden Window Beautiful painting of a young female absorbed in her book. Makes one curious as to what she could be reading.

Daniel Gerhartz

"Backlit Peonies" by Daniel F. Gerhartz A group of talented Artists will have their paintings on view at the Bennington Center For T.

Daniel F. Gerhartz

reading- one of my favorite things to do. it also reminds me of the times I would read to my daughter.

Daniel Gerhartz Paintings - Bing Images

~ Dear Maureen, I thought you might like this lovely painting by Daniel Gerhartz.