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Don't Catch a Falling Knife, unless you are a knife thrower and you need that knife to survive.

200+ Beautiful Black and White Photography Ideas

Photography is an art kind that shouldn’t be squelched. It is a kind of art. Black and white photography supplies an exceptional perspective on a lot of subjects. If you present photography e…

Kaylee’s chest had rumbled from the laugh that managed to escape from her lips, as for this was a Christmas miracle. Snow.

This is the first winter in a while, that I’m actually enjoying the snow. I grew up going snowboarding with my friends every weekend, and it made me really look forward to the winter every year! But since then, my life…

Граница смерти и красоты

Relationship between life and death. inside, outside: No information about this but it is two different photographs put together to create a half skull, half face image. That heavily relates to the theme of inside, outside and in between.

Сохранённые фотографии – 79 фотографий

Death would be classed as dark as it is a bad thing, and death is usually a dark subject. This photo shows a girl with a skeleton on her face, signifying death.

Snowboarding preps for sölden

Snowboarding preps for sölden Wanna see more snowboards stuff? Just tap visit buttons! Wanna see more snowboards stuff? Just tap visit buttons!

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